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Axle Shaft Remover

Axle Shaft Remover
Axle Shaft Remover J-33008-A

Tool Number: J-33008-A
Applications: 3T40

3T40, 4T80E transaxle Used with the J-2619-01 slide hammer to dislodge the internal retaining ring allowing the removal of the drive shaft assembly. Use of J-33008-A prevents possible damage to the transaxle case which may occur if an attempt is made to pry against. NOTICE: J-33008 initial version will not work on 4T80E. J-33008-A was not sent essential for BOP.

Kent-Moore KM J-33008-A Axle Shaft Remover
  • Manufactured by: Kent-Moore
  • Toolsource #: 112272
  • Manufacturers Part #: J-33008-A
  • Also Known As: KMJ33008-A

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