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Pneumatic Door Skin Tool

Pneumatic Door Skin Tool
Pneumatic Door Skin Tool

How long does it take to fold a door skin over - forty minutes to an hour, perhaps. With the new Door Skin Tool you can do it in 10 minutes or less.

The Door Skin Tool sets the distance between the specially designed striking chisel and the rubberized dolly plate. Use of a long stroke air hammer is essential. Set the flow valve to the lowest setting to start. The first impacts fold the door skin over 45 degrees. The articulated C-Brace allows the final closing fold to be made smoothly and cleanly. The rubberized strike plate can be adjusted up and down to ensure a tight closure.
  • Other tools damage the cosmetic side of the door skin requiring filler and labor. With the new Door Skin Tool the cosmetic side of the skin remains un-blemished with a perfectly folded inside lip.
  • No need to cut a door skin to save time. No more send backs from the paint department.
  • The door skinner kit DF-517 includes the CP-715 Long stroke air hammer, the skin tool itself, two chisels, the fitting and the aluminum case.
  • Manufactured by: Dent Fix
  • Toolsource #: 95667
  • Manufacturers Part #: DF-517
  • Also Known As: DENDF517

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This product has been discontinued

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