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Cordless Power Tools > Cordless Saws > Milwaukee Electric 0729-21 V28 Band Saw K

Milwaukee Electric 0729-21 V28 Band Saw Kit

Milwaukee Electric 0729-21 V28 Band Saw Kit

Milwaukee Electric Tool 0729-21 V28(TM) Band Saw Kit

  • End users testing the new 0729-21 V28 cordless band saw were in awe. It is truly a cordless tool with corded tool performance. As the world's first cordless band saw powerful enough for every day professional use, it operates at the same cutting speed of Milwaukee's corded band saw, the industry leader.

    It has a deep cutting capacity with its 4-3/4" x 4-3/4" throat. The saw also has a low/high blade speed selector with lock off. At low speed, you'll get 0-225 SFPM and at high speed it will run at 0-350 SFPM.

    From a comfort and use standpoint, this tool rules. A helpful LED light lights up the cutting zone and there's no cord to drag on work, so the unit feels balanced and very manageable at 19.6 lbs. The two-finger trigger speed control and comfortable, non-slip, soft grip reduces vibration transfer to the user and in turn, reduces worker fatigue.

    Heavy Duty Difference: The V28 band saw is nearly identical to Milwaukee's corded band saw for cutting speed and can make 213 one-inch conduit cuts on one battery charge. The chart shows how many cuts of various materials users can expect from a single charge. (Source: Milwaukee internal testing).

    • 28V Battery
    • One Hour Charger
    • Carrying Case
    • Band Saw Blade
    • Voltage: 28 DC
    • No Load Speed: 0-225/0-350 FPM
    • Capacity in Rectangular Stock: 4-3/4 in. x. 4-3/4 in.
    • No. of Batteries Included: 1
    • Amp Hours: 3.0
    • Length: 22 in.
    • Tool Weight: 19.6 lbs.
    • Shipping Weight: 33.5 lbs.

    • Shipping Weight: 31lbs
    • Manufactured by: Milwaukee Electric Tools
    • Toolsource #: 96375
    • Manufacturers Part #: 0729-21
    • Also Known As: ML0729-21, MLW0729-21

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