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Perm-O-Seal - 3/4 Oz

Perm-O-Seal - 3/4 Oz
America's #1 permanent sealant for radiators, water jackets, and cylinder heads ... same reliable product since 1914!

PERM-O-SEAL is a non-toxic mixture of seven organic ingredients designed to permanently seal holes and cracks in radiators, water jackets, and cylinder heads. Just pour PERM-O-SEAL into the radiator while the engine is running. It speeds through the water channels, seeks out holes, and swells shut as soon as it comes in contact with air (on the other side of the hole). It will not redissolve, and draining or flushing will not affect the seal.

PERM-O-SEAL contains unique rust inhibitors and water pump lubricants that help the radiator operate at peak efficiency. With such ongoing benefits, it makes good sense for every radiator to always have PERM-O-SEAL in it. Don't wait for a leak -- add PERM-O-SEAL to your radiator now. Then, if your radiator ever springs a leak, PERM-O-SEAL will plug it automatically!

Pour contents of PERM-O-SEAL vial slowly into radiator while running motor fast enough to circulate the water. Continue to run motor until water is hot and leak stops. Use in the same manner for cracked cylinder heads and water jackets. For extra-large leaks where water runs out before PERM-O-SEAL has time to work, catch the solution and pour back into radiator, repeating the

PERM-O-SEAL will not work in grease or oil. If cooling system contains grease or oil, clean thoroughly before using PERM-O-SEAL.

  • Manufactured by: JB Weld
  • Toolsource #: 104387
  • Manufacturers Part #: DS114
  • Also Known As: JBDS-114, JBWDS114

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