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Air-Gun Pneumatic Brake Caliper Piston Compressor Master Kit

Air-Gun Pneumatic Brake Caliper Piston Compressor Master Kit
  • This Master Kit comes complete with 16 Pads offering the widest application of vehicles available worldwide equipped with a single piston at the brake caliper. The Air-Gun incorporates a single piston press shaft, which is a non-impact type action. Finger controlled press speed. Magnetic pad attachment base securely holds press pads. All moving parts are made from high quality chrome alloy steel. Current pad configuration covers nearly every vehicle around the world. The Pneumatic Press is equipped with a rubber guard where it seats inside the brake caliper, so as not to damage the tool or caliper components.
  • Rotates Left or Right in order to Wind-Back Pistons allowing serious time savings with less effort.
  • Straight shot, down the center continuous force.
  • The pressing shaft of this air-gun is acting on a force of 1:1 from the air-compressor.
  • Solid cast aluminum body is durable, light weight and anodized.
  • All pieces are securely housed in a blow molded case.
  • The Air-Gun incorporates a single piston press shaft, which is a non impact type action.
  • Magnetic pad attachment base securely holds press pads.
Time savings:
  • By use of the swivel handle, the center press shaft rotates freely, right or left, to easily wind-back rear brake caliper pistons.
  • The attachment base is magnetic for a secure hold and allows for quick change of press pads or the 3/8" drive adapter.
  • Properly seat the press pad onto the piston face and apply air pressure. The air-gun and caliper assembly will form a very strong bond. This allows the technician to manage the joined caliper and air-gun with one hand while rotating the press shaft with the other. This feature essentially turns what used to be a three handed job into a two handed, one man operation.
Long life:
  • The only moving component, aside from the trigger and air release button, is the center press shaft. This shaft is fitted with rubber O-rings that help to maintain pressure. So long as the tool is cared for and kept clean, these O-rings should last for a long time.
  • Although this tool is pneumatic, there is no "hammering" effect on internal components as is the case with pneumatic impact tools.
  • The body is made from durable and lightweight cast aluminum. The center press shaft is made from high-quality chrome alloy steel.
  • A rubber guard is fitted on the pneumatic press where it seats inside the brake caliper so as to avoid damaging the tool or caliper components.
  • The Brake Caliper Master is protected by a custom form fitted blow mold storage / carrying case. Each of the 15 press pads and the 3/8" drive adapter have their own allotted storage space as well.
The choice is yours:
  • If you choose the complete master kit, you can rest assured that the configuration of 15 press pads and its 3/8" drive adapter is the most complete assortment available. It has been thoroughly researched so as to accommodate the vast majority of vehicles on the road today equipped with single piston brake calipers.
  • If you already have an adequate selection of press pads with a twin-pin or 3/8" drive mating surface, you may want to opt for the air-gun stand alone unit.
  • Sir Tools press pads are available separately.
Sir Tools ST9020-KIT Air-Gun Pneumatic Brake Caliper Piston Compressor Master Kit

  • Shipping Weight: 6.6lbs
  • Manufactured by: Sir Tools
  • Toolsource #: 99301
  • Manufacturers Part #: ST9020-KIT
  • Also Known As: SIR-ST9020-KIT, SIRST9020-KIT, SIRST9020KIT, ST9020-KIT

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