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Serpentine Belt Grabber Tool

Serpentine Belt Grabber Tool
Serpentine Belt Grabber Tool  3684


Serpentine Belt Tool




Installation And Removal Of Serpentine Belts

Number of Pieces







Serpentine Belt Tool, Stretch, Installation And Removal Of Serpentine Belts, Number of Pieces 1

Engine and Transmission Tools•Serpentine Belt Tool Sets
•Release tension on belt's spring-loaded idler pulley. Multipositional extension.
•For Kit and Set contents, see

GearWrench  3684  Serpentine Belt Grabber Tool 
  • Manufactured by: GearWrench
  • Toolsource #: 147104
  • Manufacturers Part #: 3684
  • Also Known As: KD3684, KDT-3684, KDT3684

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