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Automotive Diagnostics

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  • Kent-Moore
    GM Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor TPMS
    GM Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor TPMS
    Manufacturers Part #: EL-50448
    Your Price: $94.94
    For GM vehicles equipped with a 315 or 433 MHz Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPM) system, a "Sensor Re-Learn Procedure" must be performed after tire rotations, Remote Control Door Lock Receiver Module replacement or Tire Pressure Sensor replacement. This re-learn procedure can be performed by using special tool EL-50448. Works on all General Motors (Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC)  products manufactured for the North American mar...
  • Equus Products
    OBD2 Car Reader / Code Reader - w/ CANOBD Coverage - OBD II
    OBD2 Car Reader / Code Reader - w/ CANOBD Coverage - OBD II
    Manufacturers Part #: 3030
    Your Price: $64.62
    This compact hand-held OBD2 tool offers light do-it-yourselfers and consumers a quick & easy way to find out why the "CHECK ENGINE" light is illuminated on 1996 and newer cars, light trucks, mini-vans and SUVs - foreign and domestic. This little tool packs a big punch with its patented single-screen display and system status LEDs for a quick check. Works on all 1996 & newer OBD2 Compliant Vehicles. "Plug & Play" Interface - Connects...
  • Actron Manufacturing
    PocketScan OBD II Code Reader (AXRCP9125)
    PocketScan OBD II Code Reader (AXRCP9125)
    Manufacturers Part #: CP9125
    PocketScan Code Reader CP9125 is an easy-to-use tool for novice and light-to-moderate DIY customers. It enables the user to read OBD II diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) from the on-board computers of 1996 and newer cars and light trucks. This gives the user the ability to quickly determine the cause of the "Check Engine" light coming on. Once repairs are made, the PocketScan allows the user to clear the trouble codes and turn off the light. Featur...
  • Equus Products
    CanOBD2&1 Scan Tool Kit - OBD I & II Code Reader EPI3140
    CanOBD2&1 Scan Tool Kit - OBD I & II Code Reader EPI3140
    Manufacturers Part #: 3140
    Your Price: $281.33
    Features unique patented all-in-one back-lit screen display - shows 25 parameters at once without the need to scroll through time consuming menus.Includes English, Spanish and French Interface & Definitions (selected by a menu command).3-color LED display provides a quick indication of the vehicle's readiness for an emissions test.Automatic refresh feature updates data every 30 seconds when connected to the vehicle - an easy way to verify repair...
  • Equus Products
    CanOBD 2 & 1 Code Reader Tool Kit - OBD I & II EPI3120
    CanOBD 2 & 1 Code Reader Tool Kit - OBD I & II EPI3120
    Manufacturers Part #: 3120
    Your Price: $220.68
    Designed to retrieve OEM Enhanced and Transmission diagnostic codes in all OBD2 (1996 and newer) and some of the most popular OBD1 (1981 to 1995) vehiclesFeatures unique patented all-in-one screen display and LED display for quick State Emissions readiness check and drive cycle verificationCode Definition is Displayed on Unit - in English / French / SpanishUnit can be flash updated with a standard Windows(R) PC (OBD-PC Link(TM) software required...
  • Equus Products
    Digital Ford Code Reader
    Digital Ford Code Reader
    Manufacturers Part #: 3145
    Your Price: $25.76
    For most Ford, Lincoln, Mercury from 1981 to 1995 domestic cars, trucks & vans. Easy-to-view digital display shows numeric trouble codes - eliminates the need to count flashes.Tests Ford EEC-IV / MCU systems.Safely accesses on-board computer to read engine codes and perform self test functions.Memory feature stores codes, even when the reader is unplugged.Instructions on OBD I operation and all Ford self tests. Equus 3145 Digital Ford Code R...
  • Actron Manufacturing
    GM OBD I ALDL Cable Kit for CP9145, CP9150, CP9185, CP9190
    GM OBD I ALDL Cable Kit for CP9145, CP9150, CP9185, CP9190
    Manufacturers Part #: CP9127
    Your Price: $39.70
    GM OBD I ALDL Cable Kit w/Cig Lighter AdapterFor Elite AutoScanner Pro CP9190, Elite AutoScanner CP9185, SUPER AutoScanner Kit CP9150 and SUPER AutoScanner CP9145 ...
  • GearWrench
    Calibrated Ignition Tester - High-Energy Systems
    Calibrated Ignition Tester - High-Energy Systems
    Manufacturers Part #: 2756
    Your Price: $8.73
    Features: Accurately check for spark in ignition systems without removing spark plug from engine.Tester verifies that energy is sufficient for spark plug to fire.Attach spark plug wire to tester end. Clamp tester to engine as ground. Crank engine and check for spark.KD 2756 HEI Igntion Tester is calibrated for High-Energy Systems, while KD 2757 Standard Ignition Tester is calibrated for Standard Ignition Systems. Caution: Wear eye protection. KD...
  • Lisle
    Ignition Spark Tester
    Ignition Spark Tester
    Manufacturers Part #: 50850
    Your Price: $7.80
    A handy tool to check ignition spark without removing the spark plug.The tool is specially calibrated to measure ignition voltage.Works on both standard and electronic ignition systems.Easy to use. Simply adjust calibration screw to proper gap size. Attach spark plug wire to end of tester. Clamp tester on engine to ground. Crank engine and check for spark. Lisle 50850 Ignition Spark Tester ...

Featured Products - Automotive Diagnostics

Recently Added Products In Automotive Diagnostics

  • Pro Digital Timing Light (DIS) w/ Tool Case
    Pro Digital Timing Light (DIS) w/ Tool Case
    Manufacturers Part #: 5568
    Four function digital readout on an easy to read backlit LCD.10-16 Volts DC (n1% Accuracy). Tachometer 249 to 9,990 RPM.Advance Degrees (2 and 4 cycle) 0 to 90 degrees.Includes molded plastic storage case. Unit can switch from 2 cycle / distributorless (DIS) to 4 cycle / conventional ignition systems.Patented skip circuitry tests up to 9,990 RPM.Features heavy-duty detachable 6-foot leads with insulated wiring and a metal inductive pick-up that ...
  • TPM ID Reader Decoder
    TPM ID Reader Decoder
    Manufacturers Part #: VT30
    Your Price: $220.28
    The VT30 is a powerful and compact TPMS tool for all car manufacturers smart tire pressure devices. It activates and decodes all current and future sensors. Its compact size makes it the ideal TPMS maintenance tool. With its USB port this tool is compatible with future sensors (Internet upgrade). Universal TPMS tool. Triggers all currently known sensors 9 V Alkaline battery Compatible with future sensors. (Internet upgrade) Supplied with a prote...
  • NGS PC Software Solution Kit
    NGS PC Software Solution Kit
    Manufacturers Part #: 90068
    Your Price: $1,545.39
    NGS PC Software Solution Kit  90068 Bring the Factory Functionality of the NGS to your PC, or Laptop. User friendly menus provide quick access to on-board diagnostic functions for fast and efficient diagnosis. Save parameter recordings, to create a database of vehicle histories and/or a reference library of known good values. • UBP protocol diagnostics • Visual verification of vehicle data link communications • One cable cover...
  • USB Cable MMR
    USB Cable MMR
    Manufacturers Part #: J-45537-17
    Your Price: $15.81
    Kent-Moore Tools J-45537-17 USB Cable MMR ...
  • Pro-Link iQ OBDII and EOBD Software Application
    Pro-Link iQ OBDII and EOBD Software Application
    Manufacturers Part #: 883076
    Pro-Link iQ OBDII/EOBD software application provides engine emission related diagnostic capability for a wide range of light, medium and heavy duty trucks. Features: With the combined power of the easy-to-use Pro-Link iQ and the functionality of the OBD II and EOBD software application, service bay technicians experience unprecedented out-of-the-box productivityTimely updates are available online to ensure the latest versions are always available...
  • Metal Cart for EVAPro Smoke Machine 2000E
    Metal Cart for EVAPro Smoke Machine 2000E
    Manufacturers Part #: WVA-050
    Exclusive heavy-duty, black powder-coated cart holds the EVAPro or EELD601 securely in place allowing for easy transport anywhere in the service bay. A specially designed tray conveniently carries nitrogen tank. Extra lower shelf holds accessories, handtools andmore.   Picture is of the cart and EVAPro. The EVAPro is NOT included.   Vacutec WVA-050 Metal Cart for EVAPro Smoke Machine 2000E ...
  • X431 Euro Pro
    X431 Euro Pro
    Manufacturers Part #: 301100363
    Features and Benefits: OE Coverage for all 12 Euro manufacturers Single 16 pin technology Access ECM, PCM, BCM, ABS, SRS, A/T and more View, graph, record and print live data One year of free software updates The EuroPro allows you to Read & Clear Codes, Perform ABS Brake Bleeding, EPB and Brake Caliper Retraction, Air Suspension Recalibration, Service and Maintenance Resets, Module Coding and more for Mercedes Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, M...
  • Adapter Assembly
    Adapter Assembly
    Manufacturers Part #: J-41415-10
    Your Price: $150.64
    Adapter Assembly J-41415-10 Tool Number: J-41415-10 Tool Name: ADAPTER ASSEMBLY Used to facilitate EVAP system leak checks using J-41413 EVAP cart and J-41416 Leak Detector. Attached to the fuel filler neck and the nitrogen tank on J-41413. Kent-Moore KM J-41415-10 Adapter Assembly ...
  • OTC 3421-86 USA 2006 Asian Software Starter Kit OTC3421-86
    OTC 3421-86 USA 2006 Asian Software Starter Kit OTC3421-86
    Manufacturers Part #: 3421-86
    Your Price: $955.20
    This OBD II Smart Cable compatible starter kit is for Genisys owners who want to add coverage for Asian OBD I and OBD II software and cables through 2006. Asian 2006 includes the new Automated System Test feature.Kit includes the NGIS software CD, Asian 2006 Smart Card, Asian specific OBD I vehicle cables, and manual. What you need to start servicing Asian vehicles. IMPORTANT NOTE: System 2.0 required to install; see No. 3421-84. OTC 3421-86 USA...