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  • Fixed Replacement Vacuum Gauge
    Fixed Replacement Vacuum Gauge
    Manufacturers Part #: 06171
    Your Price: $25.00
    Replacement vacuum gauge for Mityvac pumps when replacement becomes necessary for an existing vacuum gauge. Graduated in inches of mercury and Kilo Pascals (kPa).Durable, high-quality gauge with accurate diaphragm movement.Gauge has threaded body for assembly into all Mityvac Silverline and Selectline hand pumps.For replacement of original gauge, or additional option for pumps purchased without gauge.Indicates 0-30 inches of Mercury (0-100 kPa) ...
  • Fluid Reservoir Kit - 16 Oz
    Fluid Reservoir Kit - 16 Oz
    Manufacturers Part #: MVA6005
    Your Price: $18.20
    Used with Mityvac hand vacuum/pressure pumps, to collect or dispense larger volumes of fluid. Replaces smaller fluid reservoirs included with most vacuum kits, reducing the amount of time it takes to empty old fluid. A hook is included for conveniently securing the reservoir out of the way during use. Kit includes: 16 oz (475 ml) capacity reservoir bottleFluid transfer lidFluid storage lidRemovable hanging hook1/4" ID x 6" long (6.4mm ID x 150mm ...
  • Fluid Transfer Accessory Kit
    Fluid Transfer Accessory Kit
    Manufacturers Part #:
    Your Price: $66.32
    Designed for use with Mityvac hand pressure/vacuum pumps Hand pump produces pressure or vacuum in the bottle to dispense or refill fluid reservoirs Provides larger volume reservoir for vacuum bleeding 1 quart (1 liter) capacity reservoir Hangs conveniently under the hood of car Fluid is dispensed/evacuated under pressure/vacuum for smooth continual flow Utilizes push-to-connect, quick-change style accessory connection with auto-shutoff valve...
  • Ford Diesel Vacuum Pump Pulley Remover Jaws - D84T-9486-A / 300-
    Ford Diesel Vacuum Pump Pulley Remover Jaws - D84T-9486-A / 300-
    Manufacturers Part #: 7922
    *this item has been discontinued
    These jaws, together with the No. 7185 pulley remover, make quick work of vacuum pump removal on newer Ford diesel engines.For use on 1984 to 1987 6.9L, and 1988 and newer 7.3L. Similar to Ford No. 300-D054 (D84T-9486-A). OTC 7922 Ford Diesel Vacuum Pump Pulley Remover Jaws ...
  • GM Power Steering Bleed Adapter
    GM Power Steering Bleed Adapter
    Manufacturers Part #: MVA661
    Your Price: $24.69
    Features and Benefits Custom design to fit late model GM vehicles Aids in eliminating rapped air from GM power steering system Designed for use with Mityvac Hand Pump 90-degree adapter fitting available Non-slip design for easy installation When installed, the adapters form an airtight seal in the neck of a vehicle’s power steering pump. A hand vacuum pump then can be coupled to the adapter to exert a vacuum on the fluid’s surface in...
  • Hand Vacuum Pump
    Hand Vacuum Pump
    Manufacturers Part #: CP7830
    Your Price: $65.26
    Check vacuum operated components on cars and trucks, including distributor advance mechanisms, heater and air conditioning baffles, PCV & EGR valves, headlight cover doors and transmission modulators. Rugged steel handle frame.Solid brass cylinder, cylinder head and piston.24" hose with tapered hose adapter.Cushioned handle grips.Tapered barbed hose fitting. Manufacturer drop ship; please email for lead time. Actron CP...
    Manufacturers Part #: 75700
    Your Price: $1.88
    Hand Vacuum Pump Breather Adapter Adds Diesel Application. T his adapter enables the 75500 Combustion Leak Detector to be used with a hand vacuum pump. A must for diesel engines whe re no vacuum is available....
  • Heavy Duty Field Repairable Vacuum Pump
    Heavy Duty Field Repairable Vacuum Pump
    Manufacturers Part #: 75000
    Your Price: $81.24
    Heavy Duty Field Repairable Vacuum Pump Heavy duty vacuum pump is field repairable.The pump is made of one piece zinc die cast material for durability & improved performance.Checks all vacuum operated components on car.Pump comes w/ a detailed, illustrated manual covering vacuum testing.Worn o-rings, seals & valves can be replaced w/ the Lisle #75400 repair kit.Shipping weight 1 lb 4 oz. ...
    Manufacturers Part #: 100KTF1214
    Your Price: $69.11
    Breaker Vacuum, 2 Gaskets, 3 Vanes, 3 Springs, Screen, O-ring, Washer Seal, 3 Rivets...