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Trq Mult 3200 FT/LB

Features and Benefits:

  • Made in the USA - Quality and Availability
  • Low Input Torque is Required and Can Be Applied Easily By One Person Using Standard 1/2 Drive Torque Wrenches.
  • Internal Planetary Gearwrench System Provides Strength and Durability Plus An Output Torque Accuracy of +/-5%
  • Square Drive Shears at 3% to 10% of Overload Torque to Protect Against Expensive Internal Damage and the Square Drive Can Then Be Easily Replaced.
  • Built in Anti-Backlash Maintains the Multipliers Input Torque Allowing the Use of Ratcheting Head Torque Wrench
  • Shipping Weight: 22.35lbs
  • Manufactured by: Armstrong
  • Toolsource #: 153569
  • Manufacturers Part #: 64-836
  • Also Known As: ARM64-836

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