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Tire Tools, Wheels & Suspension > Tire Tools > T45AC Classic Tubeless Tire Iron : 1 Piece, different vie

T45AC Classic Tubeless Tire Iron : 1 Piece, different views

T45AC Classic Tubeless Tire Iron : 1 Piece, different views
Ken-Tool manufacturers the largest and most diverse selection of tire mount/demount irons in the world. From the T45A(R) and T45AC Classic for standard truck tires, to the Serpent(TM) and Super Serpent(TM) Tire Changing Systems for wide-base Super Singles, Ken-Tool makes a tire iron for all your tire changing needs. Use on truck, agricultural, and industrial tires. Patented one-piece manufacturing process and design assures long life and superior performance. Heat-treated for strength. Use in pairs. T45A(R) is a registered trademark of Ken-Tool. U.S. Patent No.'s 345,595 and 5,343.921.
  • Ken-Tool's patented designs offer one-piece construction, and assure long life for many tirechanging applications.
  • Tip ends insert easily and will not cut or rip bead or sidewall. These designs make it easier to mount and demount tires without changing the way the tool is used.
  • Mount end: Precision-forged knob grips rim. Tip designs won't slip during tire mounting. Special curve design always grabs the bead edge.
  • Demount end: Precision-forged angled tip slides between bead and rim easily. Forged design won't slip when demounting the second bead.
  • Model: T45AC
  • EDP: 34645C
  • Length: 37" (94cm)
  • Stock: 3/4 " (19mm)
  • Weight: 4.6 lbs (2.1 kg)
Ken-Tool 34645C T45AC Classic Tubeless Tire Iron
  • Manufactured by: Ken-Tool
  • Toolsource #: 117744
  • Manufacturers Part #: 34645C
  • Also Known As: KEN-34645C, KN34645C, KT34645C

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