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Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer ESIEST-65

Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer ESIEST-65

  • This infrared thermometer features a double injection housing, found only on the highest quality units.
  • The front panel controls allow switching the F and C, backlight and laser on/off without flipping the handle.
  • Lower quality units can not switch the F, C, or Laser from the front panel, as the controls generally reside beneath the handle in the batttery compartment.
    • Temperature Range: -58? to 1022° (-50? to 500°).
    • Accuracy: ? 2% of reading.
    • Distance to Spot Ratio: 8 to 1
    • Emissivity: S = 0.95
    • High quality construction w/rubber insert in grip, nose & LCD areas.
    • 9 Volt Battery Included.
    • Carrying case included.
    • Very high temperature range, up to 1022°
    • Built-In Laser Pointer.
    • °/° Switchable Buttons.
    • Backlit LCD Display
    • Data Hold.
    • Auto Power-Off.
    • Over-range beeper.
    • 0.1 Degree Resolution
    Electronic Specialties EST-65 Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer

    • Shipping Weight: 0.65lbs
    • Manufactured by: Electronic Specialties
    • Toolsource #: 96668
    • Manufacturers Part #: EST-65
    • Also Known As: ESEST65, ESI-EST65, ESIEST65

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