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Paint & Body > Supplies > Black/Paintable Sound Damping Sheet 13 x 54

Black/Paintable Sound Damping Sheet 13 x 54 In

Black/Paintable Sound Damping Sheet 13 x 54 In

Restore OEM Sound Damping Application - Trunks - Quarter Panels - Doors
Reduces Noise and Vibration in All Types of Vehicles!


  • Easy to cut to size and shape using scissors, utility knife or razor blade.
  • A self-adhering, peel 'n stick application.
  • Flexible, non-cracking, non-splitting sheet.
  • Can be stacked in layers to build depth of damping.
  • Stops rattles and squeaks.
  • Enhances car audio system and amplifying power.
  • Meets federal fire safety classification code: (FMVSS) Code 302.
  • 13" x 54" (13.5 sq. ft.)
RBL Products 140 Black/Paintable Sound Damping Sheet

  • Shipping Weight: 0.5lbs
  • Manufactured by: RBL Products
  • Toolsource #: 106389
  • Manufacturers Part #: 140
  • Also Known As: RB140, RBL-140

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