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Break Rotor Resurfacing Kit

Break Rotor Resurfacing Kit
Break Rotor Resurfacing Kit J-41013

Tool Number: J-41013
Applications: H2

W CAR This kit consists of one 3" sanding disc holder and 100 pieces of 80 Grit sanding discs. J 41013 is used to clean the rotor hubs before turning the rotors on a lathe and prior to reassembly. This will ensure that there is no rust build up on the hub surface which can cause rotor run out and brake pulsation.

Kent-Moore KM J-41013 Break Rotor Resurfacing Kit
  • Manufactured by: Kent-Moore
  • Toolsource #: 112342
  • Manufacturers Part #: J-41013
  • Also Known As: KMJ41013

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