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Cooling System Air Evacuator Kit

Cooling System Air Evacuator Kit
  • Uses shop-air to quickly evacuate air from an empty automotive cooling system for vacuum leak testing
  • Quickly refills cooling system in without trapping air that can cause overheating
  • Universal cooling system adapter replaces more than 20 individual adapters for cars, vans, light- and heavy-duty trucks
  • Components connect using self-locking quick-disconnects for easy and time saving assembly and breakdown
  • Patent-pending adapter cam mechanism ensures an air-tight seal with radiator and coolant bottle necks
  • Packaged in durable custom-molded case
  • Includes: Universal cooling system adapter with diaphragm gauge, brass flow control valve, and quick connect coupler
  • Venturi vacuum generator with muffler
  • Coolant refill hose with inlet screen
  • Custom-molded case
  • User manual (English, Spanish, French)
Mityvac MV4533 Cooling System Air Evacuator Kit
  • Shipping Weight: 4lbs
  • Manufactured by: Mityvac
  • Toolsource #: 207415
  • Manufacturers Part #: MV4533
  • Also Known As: MITMV4533, MTY-MV4533, MYMV4533, NEMV4533

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