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Paint & Body > Plastic Repair > S-Shape Magna-Stakes, 100-Pack for MS25

S-Shape Magna-Stakes, 100-Pack for MS2500

S-Shape Magna-Stakes, 100-Pack for MS2500
 S-Shape Magna-Stakes, 100-Pack for MS2500 MS2014

For Motor Guard Magna-Stitcher plastic repair tools
Stainless Steel Construction
0.028-Inch Wire diameter
For repair of flat surfaces
Convenient clamshell package

Motor Guard  MS2014 S-Shape Magna-Stakes, 100-Pack for MS2500 
  • Manufactured by: Motor Guard
  • Toolsource #: 147475
  • Manufacturers Part #: MS2014
  • Also Known As: MCMS2014, MOT-MS2014

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