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Automotive Specialty Tools > Oil Change > Oil Drain > Oil Lift Drain - 18 Gallon - Supersedes 177

Oil Lift Drain - 18 Gallon - Supersedes 17792

Oil Lift Drain - 18 Gallon - Supersedes 17792
  • Supersedes part number 17792
  • Quick release height adjustment.
  • Translucent jug holds 18 gallons and will not warp with hot oil.
  • Rolls easily with four heavy-duty 2 1/2" wheels.
  • Metal tubes extend working area from 36 1/2" to 77".
  • Drains from the bottom with a brass drain valve.
  • Large 15" funnel has a built in strainer to catch drain plugs.
  • Optional not included.
  • Shipping wt. 21 lb.

  • Lisle 17432 18 Gallon Oil Lift Drain
    • Shipping Weight: 21.5lbs
    • Manufactured by: Lisle
    • Toolsource #: 92560
    • Manufacturers Part #: 17432
    • Also Known As: AL17432, LI17432, LIS-17432, LIS17432

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