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• Links with, stabilizes, and properly aligns manual torque wrenches to ensure accurate torque • Saves time and money • Easy to use • Reduces risk of injury and liability due to wheel-off accidents • Works with most commercial torque wrenches and truck tires • Durable and lightweight • Impact air wrenches are not recognized as torque control devices • Air guns and impact hammers can easily improperly torque bolts, leading to stripped heads or loose flange nuts that create a safety hazard • Over-tightened or under-tightened lug nuts can lead to costly wheel-off accidents, which can have catastrophic results • Torque Fin stabilizes a manual torque wrench to obtain an accurate torque, time after time, turning a two-person job into a one-person job, saving technicians time and money • R.I.S.T., the procedure implemented by the Tire Industry Association, was developed to promote safety and accuracy in tire service procedures • “Torque” is the final step in the R.I.S.T. procedure • With the Torque Fin installed on the manual torque wrench extension, technicians tighten each nut to the recommended torque, in a star pattern • The Torque Fin is the go-to tool for the most accurate, efficient, and consistent large-truck wheel torque service procedures
  • Shipping Weight: 8lbs
  • Manufactured by: AME International
  • Toolsource #: 252852
  • Manufacturers Part #: 67250
  • Also Known As: AME-67250, AY67250

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