Air Engraving Pen, 11400 BPM, Slide Throttle

Features and Benefits:

  • PERFORMANCE: Designed with durability in mind, the 140EP accurately engraves even the hardest surfaces with ease. This versatile pen is great for marking tools and other pieces of equipment, allowing for easier identification and reduced cycle times.
  • ERGONOMICS: Ergonomically designed with a soft rubber grip and slender body, the comfort of the lightweight 140EP makes it ideal for extended use – all without sacrificing legibility.
  • VALUE: It’s possible to enjoy the performance of a well-made product without breaking the bank, and the 140EP is a prime example. Its price point provides a great value to the customer, making it an affordable yet reliable tool for even the tightest budgets.
  • Includes integrated 5 ft. hose

  • Ingersoll Rand’s easy-to-use 140EP Engraving Pen is the time-saving tool you’ve been looking for. It’s been ergonomically designed for top-notch precision on any surface–from alloys to brittle ceramics and everything in between. Its ability to engrave even the hardest materials makes it one of the most efficient & reliable tools in your arsenal. And, because comfort is king, the 140EP comes equipped with a soft rubber grip and slender body design, making it ideal for extended use.

  • Model: 376183
  • Shipping Weight: 0.76lbs
  • Manufacturers Part #: 140EP
  • Manufactured by: Ingersoll Rand
  • Also Known As: IRT140EP, IRC-140EP

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