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  • Anti-Skid AP Epoxy 11oz Clr
    Anti-Skid AP Epoxy 11oz Clr
    Manufacturers Part #: 5370020
    Your Price: $14.38
    Anti-Skid Goop Epoxy with Grit. Interior/exterior, all-purpose - with grit. Provides a hard, flat, textured finish. Helps avoid slip and fall accidents. Friendly on bare feet, lead-free, chemical, gas and oil resistant. For areas where water is present or slippery conditions exist. Covers up to 15 sq. ft. per can. Color : clear. 11 ounce aerosol. Sold individually....
  • Automotive Goop 3.7oz
    Automotive Goop 3.7oz
    Manufacturers Part #: 160012
    Features and Benefits: Super sealant for auto, inside and out Repairs vinyl tears on car seats, floor mats and convertible tops Maintains powerful bond to seal leaks in hoses and tread More effective than silicone for protecting battery terminals against corrosion, sealing windshields and headlights Insluate electrical wiring Eclectic 160012 Automotive Goop- Contact Adhesive and Sealant is the strongest single component adhesive.  Bonds to ...
  • E 6000 Adhesive 10.2oz
    E 6000 Adhesive 10.2oz
    Manufacturers Part #: 232021
    An indispensable maintenance tool, E-6000 allows the kind of permanent repair and maintenance of equipment that may have been too expensive or difficult in the past. E-6000 provides adhesion strength and versatility not found in silicones and rubber cements. Its strength in adhering metals, glass, rubber and plastics makes it a universal vehicle maintenance and repair solution. Also, because it's self-leveling, E-6000 may be used as potting mater...
  • E-6000MV 3.7oz Carded
    E-6000MV 3.7oz Carded
    Manufacturers Part #: 230022
    Your Price: $8.66
    Features and Benefits: Casino Table Game Gambling Slot machine Jackpot Roulette LED Light Sign 230022 Color BlueApproximately size: W 12x H 8.75" (W 300mm x H 220mm), 100% Engraving (no laser, no paint) Carved with the latest 3D. Made of highest quality clear acrylic plastic and lighting. Suitable for 110v~240v power, provide a plug with voltage based on your country's standard: US 2 pin plug, AU adaptor, EU adaptor. With a metal chain for hangi...
    Manufacturers Part #: 5300031
    Features and Benefits: 2 part epoxy specifically formulated for marine applications Non Sag - Great for overhead or vertical applications Waterproof - May be applied under water Chemical resistant Sets in 5 minutes and dries completely in 20 minutes Amazing GOOP Marine Epoxy Paste is perfect when fast, emergency repairs are needed. Its exceptional high-impact resistance ensures superior performance under stressful conditions. It forms to any sha...
  • Plumbers Goop 3.7oz
    Plumbers Goop 3.7oz
    Manufacturers Part #: 150011
    Your Price: $8.56
    Features: Contact adhesive and sealant for about any do-it-yourself plumbing project Stronger than silicone on PVC and tile Paint over for UV resistance after curing Glues whatever bonds forever ...
  • RV 3.7oz Clear Adhesive
    RV 3.7oz Clear Adhesive
    Manufacturers Part #: 165012
    Amazing Goop RV is the only adhesive and sealant needed for inside and outside RV use because it repairs, seals and sticks to a wide variety of materials with superior strength. Weatherproof and UV resistant, Amazing Goop RV can be used as an adhesive and as a sealant. It's ideal for stopping leaks in windows, shower drains and vents. It creates a flexible hold that will not crack or break under stress such as road vibrations. Repairs tears in r...
  • Seal-All 1oz
    Seal-All 1oz
    Manufacturers Part #: 380012
    Your Price: $3.08
    Seal All, All Purpose Adhesive, Acts As A Glue & Sealant, Fast Drying & Clear, Not Affected By Gasoline, Oil, Alcohol, Water & Most Solvents, Tube, Carded....