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    Manufacturers Part #: 591
    Your Price: $15.80
    Features and Benefits: High concentrations of the purest #1 Brazilian Carnauba in the world Goes on and off like better Wax a whole car in under 20 minutes The deepest, longest-lasting gloss and protection The deepest gloss; the easiest to use.  Just two of the reasons that Barrier Reef has become the best-selling in wax in the Enthusiast Market.  It also provides the longest-lasting paint protection and is hand blended with the world'...
  • Beyond Black Tire Prot.
    Beyond Black Tire Prot.
    Manufacturers Part #: 104
    Your Price: $15.80
    Features: No gel, no sling, no greasy look Instantly restores that new tire shine Extends tire life with long-lasting UV protection For ultimate results, first clean your tires with Beyond Steel ...
  • beyond Clay Paint Polish
    beyond Clay Paint Polish
    Manufacturers Part #: 488
    Your Price: $15.09
    Features: Like a paint job in a bottle Does everything that a clay bar does and beyond Removes contaminants, oxidation, surface scratches, and swirl marks Easy buffer application deep cleans and polishes your paint This item is not for sale in Catalina Island ...
  • Black max Vinyl, Rubber & Trim
    Black max Vinyl, Rubber & Trim
    Manufacturers Part #: 486
    Your Price: $11.50
    Got cloudy gray trim, but want the black back? Black Max here to save the day. Vinyl, rubber and plastic will look showroom new in minutes, no matter what color they are. Finally, a dressing that's a cream so it stays on the car, not dripping to the ground. Black Max contains powerful UV blockers to stop or prevent bleaching and cracking from the sun. The finish isn't greasy or glossy, so you get a perfect factory-new look. You don't have to app...
    Manufacturers Part #: 110
    Your Price: $18.68
    Features and Benefits: Acid free, pH balanced formula Changes colors as it attacks brake dust Safe on all wheels Your wheels take a beating from the road, and Code Red Wheel Cleaner is just what you've been waiting for!  Its acid-free formula actively hunts down brake dust and other contaminents, making it the most effective product for cleaner, brighter wheels. ...
  • Dash Away Interior Detailer
    Dash Away Interior Detailer
    Manufacturers Part #: 103
    *this item has been discontinued
    Features: One cleaner for all interior surfaces- plastic, fabric, vinyl, leather, everything Never any greasy, slippery film or residue Instant carpet spot remover with frest, clean smell Powerful UV ray protectant Instant carpet spot remover with fresh, clean smell assuring total safety ...
  • Hit The Spot Carpet & Upholstery Spot Remover 8OZ
    Hit The Spot Carpet & Upholstery Spot Remover 8OZ
    Manufacturers Part #: 484
    Your Price: $8.62
    Features and Benefits: 100% color safe on all carpets and upholstery including carpet, vinyl, rubber floor mats, cloth and leather Prevents mold and color-fading Kills bad odors instantly and completely, leaving a jasmine scent We all bring food, dirt, great and other junk into our cars, even if we don't notice.  It's time to kick them out with Hit The Spot Stain and Spot Remover.  This cleaner removes the toughest stains of grease, fo...
  • Killer Chrome Perfect Polish
    Killer Chrome Perfect Polish
    Manufacturers Part #: 492
    Your Price: $18.68
    Features: Special formula quickly removes surface rust and shines your chrome to a mirror finish Also works great on aluminum and stainless steel Works twice as fast as paste polishes whether you apply by hand or machine Removes rust stains and restores tarnished bumpers This item is not for sale in Catalina Island ...
  • Ultra Clear Headlight Restorat
    Ultra Clear Headlight Restorat
    Manufacturers Part #: 472
    Your Price: $17.89
    What makes Ultra-Clear® better than other headlight restoration kits? No sanding required. Most other kits require several steps of sanding to remove contaminants. That's a lot of work. Only Ultra-Clear uses advanced Micron Polishing Technology which eliminates the need for sanding and gives you that factory-new look without all the extra effort. And only Ultra-Clear includes a Lens Protectant that protects new, undamaged lenses and freshly r...