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  • Engine Treatment 32oz
    Engine Treatment 32oz
    Manufacturers Part #: 100QR
    Rislone Engine Treatment is a high quality penetrating lubrication oil, combined with protective engine additives and unique cleaning additives. Its multi-grade formula allows the oil to flow freely and provides protection over a broader temperature range. The unique Rislone Formula is designed to penetrate into valve seats, bearing surfaces, piston rings and ring grooves, where deposits are likely to form. These deposits are gradually removed a...
  • Ethanol Fuel Treatment
    Ethanol Fuel Treatment
    Manufacturers Part #: 4774
    Features: Use with all 2-cycle & 4 cycle gas/ethanol E10 E15 blends and E85 Flex Fuel. Works with all fuel injected, turbo, direct injected and carbureted engines. Stabilizes & Conditions gasoline preventing gum, varnish, rust and corrosion. Rislone, protecting engines since 1921. EZ Nozzle works in all vehicles including capless fuel tanks, guaranteed. Satisfaction Guaranteed If not satisfied, purchase price will be refunded by mail. See bottle...
  • Gas Fuel System Treatment
    Gas Fuel System Treatment
    Manufacturers Part #: 4700
    This one dual cavity bottle contains the same amount of additives equal to a bottle of regular fuel injector cleaner, upper cylinder lubricant, fuel stabilizer, dry gas, gas treatment and octane booster. Use with All: Unleaded, Oxygenated, E85 and Ethanol containing Gasoline. Works with all Fuel Injected, Direct Injected, and Carbureted Engines. ...
  • Gas Treatment
    Gas Treatment
    Manufacturers Part #: 4777
    Features: Improve performance by helping fuel to be burned better and cleaner. Use with all gasoline, flex fuel and E10 E15 E85 ethanol. Regular use, summer and winter, maintains optimum efficiency and power. Works with all fuel injected, turbo, direct injected & carbureted engines. Rislone, protecting engines since 1921. EZ Nozzle works in all vehicles including capless fuel tanks, guaranteed. Satisfaction Guaranteed If not satisfied, purchase ...
  • Head Gasket & Cooling Sealant
    Head Gasket & Cooling Sealant
    Manufacturers Part #: HG-1
    Your Price: $182.76
    A key benefit of this product is the material stays in the cooling system to seal up any future minor cooling system leaks the vehicle might have. Your vehicle is a good candidate for this product if it can idle for 15 minutes without overheating or having to add coolant. Sealant penetrates leaking, blown or damaged head gasket area drying to form a seal actually stronger than the original head gasket itself. The best formula to stop all other c...
  • Head Gasket Fix 24oz
    Head Gasket Fix 24oz
    Manufacturers Part #: 1111
    Your Price: $96.13
    This formulation contains a combination of antifreeze compatible sodium silicate sealing liquid and various size gasket sealing particles which penetrate gaps & cracks and harden to permanently stop leaks. This seals because of the extreme heat inside the combustion chamber (5000°) that works as a catalyst to permanently harden the material to make it stronger than the actual head gasket itself. Use on ALL water cooled gasoline and diesel en...
  • Head Gasket Repair 20oz
    Head Gasket Repair 20oz
    Manufacturers Part #: 1100
    This repair contains a blend of aramid and refractory fibers giving the strength of a bullet-proof vest and the heat resistance of fire-proof clothing. As these particles penetrate a crack or the blown head gasket area, they lock together and bond forming a hard permanent ceramic type seal. Works effectively on cast iron or aluminum blocks & heads. Detailed English / Spanish instructions on back label take you through each step of using the prod...
  • Liquid Aluminum Sop Leak
    Liquid Aluminum Sop Leak
    Manufacturers Part #: 1186
    Features: Compatible with all brands OD antifreeze Water wetter type additive promotes a cooler running radiator system Includes a high grade synthetic water pump lube and conditioner to keep the system PH balanced and lubricated Seals Radiator Leaks Seals Freeze Plug LeaksRepairs Gasket LeaksRepairs Heater Core Leaks Lowers Water Temperature ...
  • Liquid Copper Block Seal
    Liquid Copper Block Seal
    Manufacturers Part #: 1109
    One step formula permanently repairs larger leaks in radiators, intake manifolds & gaskets, heater cores, blocks, heads and freeze plugs. Use on cars, trucks, vans, SUVs and RVs. New 1 One Step Sealer contains an antifreeze compatible sodium silicate liquid glass formula, so no draining of the cooling system is required. It will not harm the cooling system when used properly. Use with all types of antifreeze including conventional green or blue ...