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  • **95-0003B/95-0030/95-0082
    Manufacturers Part #: 95-0003BP
    *this item has been discontinued
    o New sensitive flow meter to locate the toughest to find leaks o Find leaks fast, drastically reducing diagnostic time o No need to use inert gas o OEM Approved smoke producing oil o The OEM Approved SmokePro(R) Total-Tech(R) is the world's best-selling diagnostic leak detector, and guaranteed to be the most profitable tool you will ever own o SmokePro(R) gives technicians full-featured diagnostic capabilities to detect, locate, and repair leaks...
  • **95-0003C / STL88080P
    **95-0003C / STL88080P
    Manufacturers Part #: 95-0003CL
    Your Price: $1,509.24
    • Find More Repair Jobs: Find leaks and sell the repair to your customer with visual confirmation • Greatly Reduce Diagnostic Time: One simple connection diagnoses an entire system in seconds so that technicians can repair more vehicles in less time • Improve Accuracy of Repairs: Eliminate comebacks by verifying that leaks are repaired completely • Pays for itself in less than 30 days: With this tool, garage owners expedite diagnostics, i...
  • **95-0400/95-0082P
    Manufacturers Part #: 95-0400EI
    Your Price: $1,074.99
    • Made in the USA by Redline Detection • Accessory kit included • Can locate and help diagnose leaks • Very low cost of operation • Easy to use and great option for any technician • w/FREE Easy INTAKE™ Bladder...
  • Accessory kit for 95-0003/C
    Accessory kit for 95-0003/C
    Manufacturers Part #: 96-0170/B
    Your Price: $287.92
    Features & Benefits: New accessory kit for 95-0003/C includes the Easy Intake Includes all necessary tools to help your diagnostic leak detector find leaks fast Compatible with any diagnostic leak detector Storage case included Made in the USA ...
    Manufacturers Part #: 95-0121
    • Quickly tests and precisely locates high pressure Air Brake, Air Suspension, and Air powered system leaks with 100% reliability • Utilizes test pressure up to 9.3 BAR (up to 135 psi) • Professional grade equipment comes with all accessories needed to work • Runs on compressed air and 12V DC • Weighs only 8.16 Kg (18 lbs)...
    Manufacturers Part #: 30-0014
    Your Price: $11.18
    • Flow Meter control knob, for smoke machine models with air flow control as integrated into the flow meter • Part No. 30-0014 Compatible with: • SmokePro® Air Complete™ (Part No. 95-0051) • SmokePro® Total-Tech® (Part No. 95-0003/B) • SmokePro® Tech-Mate Plus™ (Part No. 95-0007/B) • Mac Tools® Leak Attack (Part No. EV9510B) • Matco Tools® Diagnostic Leak Detector (Part No. KI95-0014B) • Cornwell Tools® Diagnostic Leak ...
  • Easy Intake
    Easy Intake
    Manufacturers Part #: 95-0082
    Your Price: $159.71
    Features and Benefits: 100% universal, will work on any vehicle and light duty truck Works on a 100% of all smoke machines Made in the U.S.A. Easier to test intake and exhaust leaks quickly and precisely Simple to use, no fuss Easy Intake is the new way to properly test any intake and exhaust system on any vehicle and light duty truck.  With its patent pending Easy Intake system, you will be able to quickly diagnose any intake problem on a ...
  • Portable Leak Detector
    Portable Leak Detector
    Manufacturers Part #: 95-0070
    Your Price: $1,614.26
    Features and Benefits: Eliminates the Need for Shop Air or Gas Tanks Quickly Detects Leaks Down to 0.010” Dual Operating Modes: Smoke & Air-Only Cycle Variable Flow Control Pressure Decay/Leak Down Feature Compact, Lightweight Design (11 lb.) Safe: No Glow Plug No Nitrogen Required Full Accessory Kit with Storage Case Made in America Additional Accessories Included: XL Truck Exhaust Cone Universal Filler Neck Connector EasyEVAP Caples...
    Manufacturers Part #: 96-0037
    The Pressure Gauge Utilizes a 2-1/2 dual scale dial. Full range from -30 to 30 H2O 0 to 1.1 PSI. The gauge is complete with a Redline designed protective rubber boot. Connection is 1/4 NPT with center back mounting....