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  • 5W30 Motor Oil, qt
    5W30 Motor Oil, qt
    Manufacturers Part #: 15304
    Your Price: $222.48
    Features: Formulated for turbo protection; Provides upper cylinder wear protection Prevents foaming even at high speeds; Reduces engine temperatures Increases high temperature oil pressure; Protects bearings at high speeds and temperatures Flows well in very cold climates; Allows extended drains in non-warranty vehicles Compatible with petroleum and synthetic oils; Compatible with seals designed for petroleum 1 quart size ...
  • 75W90 GL-5 Gear Oil, qt
    75W90 GL-5 Gear Oil, qt
    Manufacturers Part #: 57904
    Your Price: $264.94
    Features: Synthetic Gear Oil - 1 QuartAllows for faster shifting Makes the transmission synchronizers come to equal speeds more quickly Can also be used in racing limited-slip differentials ...
  • MT-90 75W90 GL-4, qt
    MT-90 75W90 GL-4, qt
    Manufacturers Part #: 50304
    Your Price: $275.34
    Features: 90W Gear Oil - 1 QuartHelps prevent hard shifting Synthetic Provides excellent protection Improved shiftability ...
  • MTL 70W80 GL-4, qt
    MTL 70W80 GL-4, qt
    Manufacturers Part #: 50204
    Your Price: $275.34
    Red Line MTL and MT-90 are designed to provide excellent protection and improved shiftability for manual transmissions and transaxles, having cured the problem of hard shifting in thousands of transmissions with shifting troubles. They have the appropriate coefficient of friction for most manual transmission synchronizers (many gear oils, engine oils, and ATFs are too slippery for proper synchro engagement). And, the wide viscosity of MTL and MT-...
  • Water Wetter 12oz 12pack
    Water Wetter 12oz 12pack
    Manufacturers Part #: 80204
    Your Price: $146.61
    Red Line Water Wetter provides corrosion and rust protection for modern aluminum and cast iron cooling systems. This unique additive reduces coolant temperatures by as much as 30 degrees F. It can be used in plain water to provide much better heat transfer properties and protection than glycol-based antifreeze, or added to new or used antifreeze to fortify inhibitors and reduce foaming....