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  • 11" Silicone Dry Blade
    11" Silicone Dry Blade
    Manufacturers Part #: 20014
    Features and Benefits 100% medical grade silicone blade flees and conforms V-blade design whisks water away Outperforms chamois, towels and other drying devices Compact, economical and easy to use Use on cars, trucks, vans, mirrors, window and more! The Original California Dry Blade is a smaller and more economical version of the Original California Drying Blade that will offer 100% medical silicone construction for maximum flexibility and ease ...
  • 13.5" Silicone Jelly Blade
    13.5" Silicone Jelly Blade
    Manufacturers Part #: 20080
    Your Price: $18.56
    Features: 100% premium medical grade silicone New V-Blade design whisks water away Exceptional contouring and flexing ability Virtually eliminates chamois and towels Dries vehicles and windows in 1/3 the time California Jelly Blade, 13-1/2" Ultra Flexible Silicon V-Blade, with added key features and benefits.  The "Extender" end allows the Jelly Blade to reach into tight areas and the "Detailer" end is great for rec...
  • 26" Plastic Handle Car Duster
    26" Plastic Handle Car Duster
    Manufacturers Part #: 62443
    Features and Benefits: Don't just move dust, remove it Compact, lightweight and easy to use Wax treated mop easily removes dust without scratching paint Reduces number of car washings No wax sprays needed.  Saves money and time Includes a handy carrying case The Original California Car Duster literally works like magic. It utilizes the proven technology of baking a special paraffin wax into 100% cotton strands to assure that dust is lifted ...
  • Dash Duster
    Dash Duster
    Manufacturers Part #: 62448
    Features and Benefits: Exclusive baked-on wax-treated strands lift dust No need for sprays or cleaners Saves time, money and hassles 1000's of other uses at home or work Safe and non-toxic The California Dash Duster, 12" Dash Duster with Plastic Handle, Wedge Shape.  The Dash Duster has specially wax-treated cotton strands that literally lift dust without scratching anything.  The unique compact, wedge-shaped duster easily ac...
  • Superduster
    Manufacturers Part #: 62557
    Your Price: $24.75
    Features and Benefits: Ideal detailing tool for large/tall vehicles Longer reach (30" long) Full 360 degrees round mop for greater exposure to the dust Thoroughly lifts dust, providing a just-washed look without scratching Safe and non-toxic Built to last for years of use Includes carrying/storage case The Original California Super Duster is an ideal detailing tool for large/tall vehicles like trucks, SUV's and RV's. The patented baked-on w...
  • VersaDuster
    Manufacturers Part #: 63240
    Includes one wax treated duster, one MicroFiber duster, and two MicroFiber glass cloth bonnets. Handle rotates 180 degrees. Don't just move dust around, remove it with California Car Duster Versa Dusters. Just attach the right cleaning pad: the wax-treated duster for heavy dusting, the microfiber duster for final polishing, or one of the two microfiber bonnets for windows and mirrors. All of the pads have an angled tip to reach into nooks and cra...