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  • Power Steering Stop Leak 15.5O
    Power Steering Stop Leak 15.5O
    Manufacturers Part #: 1630
    Your Price: $18.71
    Bars Leaks Stop Leak helps your power steering system last longer. Works on rack & pinion units, gear boxes and pumps. Works with ALL domestic, import and heavy duty power steering fluid; including petroleum, mineral oil synthetics and Dexron ATF. Keeps power steering seals soft and pliable. Non-corrosive, non-clogging and non-foaming. Most leaks stop in 200 miles or 3 days of driving. ...
  • Ring Seal - ( P/N 850-RS) 16oz
    Ring Seal - ( P/N 850-RS) 16oz
    Manufacturers Part #: 4416
    Features: Contains high-shear polymers which provide a seal for worn pistons & rings to stop blow-by. Cushions and coats engine parts helping to reduce wear and quiet noisy lifters. Stops blue exhaust smoke and reduces oil burning. Retains oil flow characteristics in hot and cold weather. Works on all 4, 6, and 8 cylinder vehicles. Use on any gasoline or diesel engines. Works with conventional, high mileage and synthetic engine oils. Add to engi...
  • Smoke Away /Stop Leak 11Oz
    Smoke Away /Stop Leak 11Oz
    Manufacturers Part #: 1020
    Blow by is usually caused by gaps in the internal engine parts resulting from excessive wear. In addition, it treats motor oil to stop smoking as well as plug fouling. Bars Leaks Engine Oil Smoke Away Concentrate is guaranteed to work and is compatible with ALL gasoline and diesel engines using conventional and synthetic engine oil. One bottle treats 5 quarts of oil. Use every 2000 miles at or between oil changes. ...
  • Water Remover Fuel Dryer
    Water Remover Fuel Dryer
    Manufacturers Part #: 4735
    Features: Prevents icing and fuel line freeze-up. Use with all 2-cycle & 4 cycle E10 E15 E85 ethanol, gasoline and ULSD diesel fuels. Regular use, summer and winter, removes water and allows quicker starts. Works with all fuel injected, turbo, direct injected and carbureted engines. Removes water preventing damaging rust and corrosion. Rislone, protecting engines since 1921. EZ Nozzle works in all vehicles including capless fuel tanks, guarantee...