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  • Quick Check for Color Matching
    Quick Check for Color Matching
    Manufacturers Part #: 10030
    Your Price: $17.32
    Quick Check provides a faster, more convenient way to match color for a repair. It simulates the depth and clarity of fresh clear on base, eliminating the need to spray expensive clear coat on spray-out cards. Unlike clear coat, Quick Check can be sprayed anywhere that is convenient or wherever the lighting is best for color matching. Unlike wax and grease remover, it sprays on evenly, providing a better clear coat simulation, and dwells long en...
  • Spray Mask Washable Coating - 5 GALLON
    Spray Mask Washable Coating - 5 GALLON
    Manufacturers Part #: 10004
    Your Price: $166.81
    Spray Mask is a better way to protect vehicles during the refinish process. It can be applied in less than 5 minutes with conventional spray equipment and tightly seals the surface against overspray damage. In addition, any dust or dirt on the vehicle is trapped under the coating so that it does not become airborne during painting. Unlike plastic sheeting, vehicles protected with Spray Mask are easy to move throughout the shop. And if applied be...
  • Wet Black Penetrating Cavity Wax
    Wet Black Penetrating Cavity Wax
    Manufacturers Part #: 10025
    Your Price: $31.43
    CIC Wet Black is a penetrating cavity wax designed for enclosed areas like frame rails and rocker panels. Salt spray testing indicates it protects up to four times longer than standard cavity wax. Like CIC Dry Film, it offers superior wicking capabilities to penetrate faying joints between welded surfaces. And, like CIC Dry Film, the technology for CIC Wet Black originates in the aerospace industry so it also offers excellent protection on alumi...
    Manufacturers Part #: 10032
    Your Price: $136.32
    • Non-tacky, clear dry film: Preserves booth lighting conditions for uniform paintwork. Covers lights and other booth fixtures. Dry film won’t yellow with age. • Solvent resistant: Prevents overspray build-up on booth surfaces, reducing maintenance costs and minimizing booth down-time. • Spray-on liquid: Fast, easy application with conventional spray equipment already in use. • Thixotropic “one-coat” formula: Clings to vertical surf...