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Retractable Test Lead Set - 7-Pc

Retractable Test Lead Set - 7-Pc
Set includes:
  • One 2 x 15-ft. test lead with banana plugs (1175)
  • One pair of test probes (1170)
  • One pair of alligator clips (1167)
  • One pair of spring hooks (1173)
  • Included adapters work interchangeably with banana plugs on the 2 x 15-ft. retractable test leads.
  • for testing electrical circuits in cars, trailers, boats, etc.
  • 15-ft. wire allows you to connect the leads under the hood and test from the driver's seat.
  • Use with any multimeter, or other device, equipped with standard banana jack connectors.
  • Retractable test leads pull out and stay at desired length.
  • Rewind test leads when not in use.
  • Different color wires for easy identification.
  • Maximum Voltage: 30VDC
  • Maximum Amperage: 10 AMPS unwound, 6 AMPS wound
Kastar 1176 7 Piece Retractable Test Lead Set
  • Shipping Weight: 1.2lbs
  • Manufactured by: Kastar
  • Toolsource #: 103125
  • Manufacturers Part #: 1176
  • Also Known As: KAS-1176, KAS1176, KS1176, LNG-1176

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