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Coag-Kleen FP Flocculant Powder

Coag-Kleen FP Flocculant Powder

COAG-KLEEN FP, flocculant, removes the absorbed waste paint solids from water that has been used to clean spray guns. The clean recovered water can be reused several times before disposal. The separated paint waste, when dry, is then disposed of in accordance with local regulations.


  • Lower disposal costs since the water can be reused several times before disposal. Shop operation becomes "Greener".
  • Lower operating costs. Less flocculant used, at 2 scoops per 5 gallon (20 L), compared to competitive flocculants.
  • Uni-ram's COAG-KLEEN FP has a course granular consistency; very little powder goes airborne providing the operator with a clean air environment. Competitive brands are fine grain, messy to use and cause airborne contamination.
  • MSDS: Available on Uni-ram web site,
To use, add two scoops of COAG-KLEEN FP powder per 5 gal (20 L) of spent water. Agitate for 5 minutes then drain through the Uni-ram COAG-KLEEN FP fi lter system.

Uni-ram's waterborne spray gun cleaners, UM120W and UG5000W clean spray guns and reclaim the spent water for reuse. These systems use the COAG-KLEEN FP fi lter system. The part numbers for the replacement filters are:
    102-8125 Primary filter bag
    102-8126 Secondary filter bag
Uni-Ram 102-8300 Coag-Kleen FP Flocculant Powder

  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs
  • Manufactured by: Uni-Ram Corp.
  • Toolsource #: 106080
  • Manufacturers Part #: 102-8300
  • Also Known As: UN102-8300, UNR102-8300, URM-102-8300

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