MotorVac CoolantClean III 500-5100PD

Complete Coolant Exchange in Less Than 15 Minutes
System Allows for Both Static and Dynamic Operation
New On-Board Waste Tank has a 28 Quart Capacity 
Unique Vacuum Switch Allows for Cooling System Depressurization
Easy Service Filter 
Excellent Return on Investment
• Static or dynamic fluid exchange
• One switch, multi-function operation with “closed loop” mode at end of service
• Unique “vacuum switch” regulates system depressurization and fluid evacuation
• Complete flow synchronization maintains a 1-to-1 fluid ratio exchange
• Front panel controls all machine functions with pressure gauge and warning lights
• Industrial grade radiator hoses & adapters included to service most vehicles
• Dual pump operation
• Pressure is limited to 10 psi – if cap malfunctions, fluid will overflow into reservoir
• Vacuum is used to minimize clogging and potential damage to system components
• Free 1-800 Technical Support Team
• Simple – Connects through the radiator hose in about 2 minutes
• Easy – Accessible function switches control all operations on the front panel
• Safe – No spilled coolant on the floor and re-circulation protects the system
• Fast – Complete coolant exchange service takes less than 15 minutes
• Portable – Unit is powered by a 12 volt DC battery so you can use it anywhere
• Convenient – No bay space is required to perform complete service
• Reliable – 100% exchange provides the highest quality service to your customers
  • Model: 371535
  • Manufacturers Part #: 500-5100PD
  • Manufactured by: MotorVac Technologies
  • Also Known As: MV500-5100PF, MV500-5100PD

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