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Air Conditioning Flush System

Air Conditioning Flush System
A high performance air conditioning flush service system designed for today's modern A/C service operation!

The RT4058000100 cleans individual A/C system components by removing debris and dirt that can cause A/C system damage or failure. An A/C flush is a critical process that can prevent repeat repairs to an A/C system after a catastrophic failure by utilizing a closed-loop process to circulate flushing fluid through components to filter out contamination.

The RT4058000100 provides safe, effective and efficient flushing especially when used with RTI Super Flush Pro fluid. It is simple to operate, uses shop air and can be operated unattended during the entire flush cycle. The RT4058000100 is designed to connect to the inlet and outlet ports of a vehicle's A/C heat exchanger, condenser or evaporator to flush each component separately. It utilizes a special ventilation method to provide optimum air quality during the flush procedure and a universal adapter kit is included for easy hook-up to a wide variety of connections.
  • Cleans A/C systems by removing debris and dirt that can cause A/C system damage and failures
  • A critical process after catastrophic failures
  • Prevents repeat repairs
  • Closed-loop design for circulating flush fluid through system and filtering contaminants
  • Safe, effective, and efficient flushing, especially when used with RTI Super Flush Pro fluid
  • Special ventilation method provides optimum air quality during flush procedure
  • Universal adapter kit included for wide coverage and easy hook-up
  • Quality components for reliable, long term operation
  • Unattended operation during flush process
  • Simple, fast operation makes flushing easier than ever before!
RTI Refrigerant Technologies RT4058000100 Air Conditioning Flush System
  • Manufactured by: RTi Reading Technologies, Inc
  • Toolsource #: 122837
  • Manufacturers Part #: RT4058000100
  • Also Known As: RTACF3000

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