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  • 10mm Adapter For 14825 Flaring Tool Kit
    10mm Adapter For 14825 Flaring Tool Kit
    Manufacturers Part #: 14831
    Your Price: $7.90
    S & G Tool Aid 10mm Adapter For  14825 Flaring Tool Kit ...
  • A/C Flush Bucket Kit
    A/C Flush Bucket Kit
    Manufacturers Part #: 1996
    Your Price: $173.80Includes Free Shipping
    Contains everything necessary to flush a mobile A/C system. Assortment Includes: 1 - Part # 2406 - Flush 1 - Part # 2710 - Flush Kit 1 - Part # 2770 - Flush Coupler 1 - Part # 2815 - Manual 1 - Part # 2783 - Goggles 1 - Bucket FJC 1996 A/C Flush Bucket Kit ...
  • A/C Flush Gun
    A/C Flush Gun
    Manufacturers Part #: TLFG
    Your Price: $74.50
    Used for flushing components on or off the car. Simple to use with shop airSimply fill the cylinder with flush solutionWorks well on all condensers & evaporatorsComes complete with cylinder, hose and flush gunOne year warranty CPS Products TLFG A/C Flush Gun ...
  • A/C Flush Gun Kit
    A/C Flush Gun Kit
    Manufacturers Part #: 17595
    Your Price: $43.80
    An economical means of flushing contaminants and scale from A/C system components, the flush gun uses dry shop air to pressurize the solvent.Thoroughly cleans the part, removing oil and any refrigerant contaminants and residue.Attached nozzle directs the flow of solvent without spray-back. Robinair 17595 A/C Flush Gun Kit ...
  • A/C Flusher Machine
    A/C Flusher Machine
    Manufacturers Part #: AFM100
    The AFM100 A/C Flusher Machine removes debris and contaminated oil, which renews and extends the life of the A/C system. Features: Powered by shop air.Forward or reverse flush.Clear filter bowl with cleanable screen for visual inspection of what is being removed from A/C system.Restores performance of A/C system by removing carbon build-up from heat transfer condensers and evaporators.Eliminates compressor or desiccant failure and residue from ov...
  • A/C Flushing Kit R-134a Mounts 34400, 34700
    A/C Flushing Kit R-134a Mounts 34400, 34700
    Manufacturers Part #: 34560
    *this item has been discontinued
    Mounts on 34400, 34700. Includes all necessary brackets and hardware, two 72" yellow hoses. Use kit to flush the entire system, rather than individual components--it works by using the refrigerant in the recovery/recycling unit's tank to flush the system quickly and simplyKit forms a closed loop, with the refrigerant carrying any contaminants and oil into the recovery/recycling unit where they're removed by the filter-drier and oil separatorA si...
  • A/C System Flush Kit
    A/C System Flush Kit
    Manufacturers Part #: 91046-A
    Your Price: $38.87
    Features: Includes flush gun, hose, canister (empty) & canister adapter.Fill canister w/ flushing material.Pressurize w/ shop air & flush each component.Designed to work w/ any light weight flushing agent which can be mixed w/ pressurized air.Excellent for quickly & effectively removing refrigerant oil & debris during retrofitting or compressor replacement.Flush gun is simple to use & will hold up through many flush procedures. Mastercool 91046-...
  • A/C System Flusher
    A/C System Flusher
    Manufacturers Part #: 17580
    Your Price: $2,288.99
      The Robinair 17580 makes flushing of lines, evaporators and condensers fast and easy. Closed Loop -- Circulates solvent continuously through components (adapters are needed). Pulsing Action -- Loosens dirt, corrosion and other debris; by switching the hoses, you can also back flush. Air Agitation Needle Valve -- Bubbles air into liquid stream to enhance cleaning action. Hose Adapters -- Contains adapters to mate with 1/4" flare and 3/8" q...
  • Air Conditioning Equipment Flush
    Air Conditioning Equipment Flush
    Manufacturers Part #: 2130
    Your Price: $14.50
    Designed to remove harmful leak stop agents or contaminants that can damage recovery/reclaim equipment. FJC 2130 Air Conditioning Equipment Flush ...