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Work Stand Clamp for Doors, Panels

Work Stand Clamp for Doors, Panels

The Work Stand Clamp secures a car door or other panel to a work stand (x-frame) in seconds by clamping onto the inside frame of the door at the window opening. The welded ring of the clamp fits securely over the padded arm of the work stand. This method of clamping the door is far more ridged than current methods that are much more complex and expensive.

  • Great for use with Steck #21890 Skin Zipper to hold car door in place on work stand (x-frame)
  • Can also be used with other door skinning tools
  • Holds parts for prepping jambs
  • Simple and inexpensive plier to clamp a car door or other panel to a work stand quickly and securely
  • Buy a PAIR for even more holding power.
Steck 35753 Work Stand Clamp for Doors
  • Shipping Weight: 3lbs
  • Manufactured by: Steck Manufacturing
  • Toolsource #: 104154
  • Manufacturers Part #: 35753
  • Also Known As: SM35753, SS35753, STC35753, STK-35753

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