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Diesel & Truck Tools > Compression Test > Diesel Engine Compression Test Adapter - Cummi

Diesel Engine Compression Test Adapter - Cummins

Diesel Engine Compression Test Adapter - Cummins

Diesel Engine Compression Test Adapter - Cummins

  • For use with Model No. 34700 Diesel Compression Tester

Application: Cummins
Engine: These 5-1/2" bore engines: NH (855 cubic inches), V-6, V-8 & V-12 & 903 V-8 Cylindrical PTB
Testing Port: Fuel Injector
Thread: N/A

  • Shipping Weight: 1.38lbs
  • Manufactured by: S & G Tool Aid
  • Toolsource #: 58482
  • Manufacturers Part #: 34840
  • Also Known As: SG34840, SGT-34840, SGT34840, TA34840

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