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Master Seal and Clutch Service Tool Set

Master Seal and Clutch Service Tool Set
Master Seal and Clutch Service Tool Set

The set includes all Seal Service Tools contained in 91268 and Clutch Service Tools contained in 91274. Tools are stored in a sturdy tool chest (92275) and organized in two drawers with a chart showing which tools are used for a specific compressor. The top part of the tool chest serves as a storage area for fittings and air conditioning test equipment. Space is reserved in the third drawer for an optional Foreign Compressor Seal and Clutch Service Tool Set No. 91323.

    Contains: 90383 Internal Snap Ring Pliers, 90412 0-Ring Seal Sleeve Remover, 90414 Seal Seat Remover, 90415 Seal Remover & Installer, 90431 York & Tecumseh Oil Level Dipstick, 90432 Chrysler Oil Level Dipstick, 90440 5/8" x 2" x 11 NC Clutch Remover, 90441 5/8" x 2" x 18 SAE Clutch Remover, 90454 Clutch Plate Remover, 90458 Clutch Plate Installer, 90460 0-Ring Installation Guide, 90462 Seal Seat Installer, 90473 Seal Remover, 90474 Seal Installer & Plate Alignment, 90484 Seal Protector, 90486 Ceramic Seal Seat Remover & Installer, 90499 Universal Clutch, Holding Tool, 90902 Clutch Plate Puller, 90906 Seal Remover & Installer, 90907 Seal Protector Sleeve, 90910 Clutch Plate Installer, 91047 Tool Box, 91052 Clutch Plate Installer, 91060 Seal Seat Remover, 91061 Seal Seat Installer, 91122 Clutch Plate Remover, 91183 A/C Service Manual, 91195 Clutch Plate Remover Arbor, 91202 0-Ring Installation , 91208 Seal Remover & Installer, 91211 Shaft Protector, 91212 Clutch Plate Remover, 91213 Clutch Plate Installer, 91214 0-Ring & Snap-Ring Installer, 91215 0-Ring Installation Guide
    The Set contains all the tools needed to service clutches on the following compressors: General Motors A6, R4, and DA6; 6 Pole R4, V5 and HR-6; Ford FS6; Chrysler C171; Nippondenso 6P 148A; Sanden 507, 508 and 510 and Pitts and Warner clutches.

    Contains: 90291 Coil Puller Jaws, 90292 Coil Installer, 90343 Compressor Holding Fixture & Hardware, 90346 Rotor & Bearing Pilot, 90349 Clutch Assembly Installer, 90443 Pulley Bearing Remover & Driver, 90451 Pulley Arbor, 90452 Pulley Removal Jaws, 90455 Pulley Removal Pilot, 90456 Pulley Hub Removal Pilot, 90457 Puller Body, 90903 External Retaining Ring Pliers, 91012 Shaft Protector Pilot, 91022 Rotor & Bearing Puller Jaws, 91023 Rotor & Bearing Puller Arbor, 91047 Tool Box, 91058 Pulley Remover Jaws, 91059 Bearing & Pulley Installer, 91146 Feeler Gauge Set, 91183 A/C Service Manual, 91216 Coil Installer Tie Bolt Set, 91218 GM Compressor Test Plate, 91261 Holding Fixture and Hardware, 92210 Clutch Bearing Staking Tool
  • Manufactured by: Mastercool
  • Toolsource #: 97859
  • Manufacturers Part #: 91267
  • Also Known As: MSC-91267, MSC91267

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