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Liquid Ice Extra-Cut Polish - 1 Quart

Liquid Ice Extra-Cut Polish - 1 Quart
Supersedes Norton 42075

Remove scratches with a single polish. Rather than changing compounds and pads to achieve a high gloss finish, you only need to change the pad. Liquid Ice polish matches the cut of the pad to the work.

Water soluable Liquid Ice Extra-Cut is easy to use and easy to clean up. Liquid Ice Extra-Cut is the only polish to use with 3 pads so you virtually eliminate the chance of cross contamination.

It is engineered to be a smooth transition from the recently upgraded ultra-fine grit dry sanding with A275/Multi-Air(R), moist sanding with NORaX(R) or wet sanding with Black Ice(R). Liquid Ice(R) removes all sanding marks quickly with just one polish and three pads. Choose the pad sequence depending on the severity of the scratch, haze or vehicle color. Follow it up with the Clean-Up/Spray Detailer using the Blue Magnet(TM) micro-fabric cloth and you've got a high quality job your customers will be proud of. This will do the job faster...better.

Features & Benefits:
  • Simple - One product does it all
  • Versatile - Works on all types of paint finishes
  • Easy to use - Just squirt it on and buff it off
  • Multiple pads - For aggressive cut, intermediate polishing and fine finishing
  • One polish, three pads - No cross contamination
  • No swirl marks - Incredible high gloss
  • Water soluble - Easy to work with and clean up
Norton 97116 Liquid Ice Extra-Cut Polish - 1 Quart
  • Shipping Weight: 5lbs
  • Manufactured by: Norton Company
  • Toolsource #: 101419
  • Manufacturers Part #: 97116
  • Also Known As: NOR-97116, NR97116

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