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o Great for deburring, cleaning, blending and finishing in tight or hard-to-reach areas o Balanced weight distribution and 3M(TM) Gripping Material for improved ergonomics and reduced wrist strain o 360 degree rotatable housing and handle for the ultimate in versatility o Attached belt cover won't fall off during belt changes o Optimized belt speed for 3M(TM) Abrasive Belts and Scotch-Brite(TM) Belts o Our 3M(TM) File Belt Sander is ideally suited for a variety of metalworking applications. Grind and blend and finish hard-to-reach areas with power and efficiency. o 3M(TM) File Belt Sander o Great for deburring, cleaning, blending and finishing in tight or hard-to-reach areas A Lightweight Hand-Held Sander o Our 3M(TM) File Belt Sander is a lightweight hand-held sander with an arm attachment that extends from the handle, enabling the operator to maneuver and manipulate the abrasive belt, turning and rotating as necessary -- up to 360 degrees -- to blend hard-to-reach areas. o The weight is balanced throughout the handle and features 3M(TM) Gripping Material to give operators even greater control. o This air-powered tool operates at .6 HP (447W) horsepower, reducing operator fatigue and overall project time. o We engineered our 3M(TM) File Belt Sander to be used with 3M(TM) Abrasive Belts and Scotch-Brite Belts. o Attachment arms vary, with a standard arm, a variety of arms designed for different applications, as well as arms designed for curves and corners. o Operators should consider project needs and requirements when choosing attachments. o Our 3M(TM) File Belt Sander helps operators target the surface and cleanly finish, polish, blend and deburr a variety of metal substrates.
  • Shipping Weight: 6.93lbs
  • Manufactured by: 3M Automotive
  • Toolsource #: 242922
  • Manufacturers Part #: 33575
  • Also Known As: 3M-33575, 3M33575, 3MT-33575, MM33575, MMM33575

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