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Paint & Body > Body Hammers & Dollies > Long Reach Pick Hammer - Wooden Hand

Long Reach Pick Hammer - Wooden Handle

Long Reach Pick Hammer - Wooden Handle
  • Long reach, thin point for low spot on low-crown panels.
  • Reaches over inner obstructions.
  • One high crown face.
  • Face - 1-1/4 In round point.
  • Length of pointed end - 5-1/2 In
  • 1/32 In Radius.
  • Weight .91 lbs.
Martin Sprocket & Gear 156G Long Reach Pick Hammer with Wooden Handle
  • Shipping Weight: 0.91lbs
  • Manufactured by: Martin Tools
  • Toolsource #: 97346
  • Manufacturers Part #: 156G
  • Also Known As: FMT-156G, MRT156G, MT156G

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