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Clamp-on Auto-Refill Kit MV6832

Clamp-on Auto-Refill Kit MV6832

MVA6832 uses gravity to automatically refill the master cylinder during vacuum or manual hydraulic brake or clutch bleeding/flushing. It includes a 40 oz (1.2 l) reservoir that mounts on top of the master cylinder and clamps securely to the wall. As old brake fluid is bled from the hydraulic system through the bleed screws, new fluid flows automatically from the reservoir to replenish the master cylinder.


  • Large 40 oz (1.2 l) reservoir holds enough fluid for an entire flush
  • On/Off valve controls the flow of fluid from the reservoir
  • Fluid level control maintains the correct level of fluid in the master cylinder
  • Conveniently adapts for use with standard 12 oz (355 ml) and 32 oz (946 ml) brake fluid bottles
  • Universal top-mount design fits most types of master cylinders
  • 40 oz (1.2 l) fluid reservoir with transfer and storage lid
  • Base with screw clamp
  • Transfer tube with valve
  • Level adjustment spring
  • 12 oz (355 ml) bottle adapter
  • 32 oz (946 ml) bottle adapter
  • User Manual (English/French/Spanish/German)
  • Reservoir Capacity: 40 oz (1.2 l)
  • Packaged Weight: 13.4 oz (0.38 kg)
  • Packaged Size: 6.5" wide x 5" tall x 6.3" deep (165 mm wide x 125 mm tall x 160 mm deep)
Mityvac MVA6832 Clamp-on Auto-Refill Kit

  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs
  • Manufactured by: Mityvac
  • Toolsource #: 99566
  • Manufacturers Part #: MVA6832
  • Also Known As: MITMVA6832, MTY-MVA6832, MYMVA6832, NEMVA6832

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