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5-In-1 Automatic Exhaust Coupler 1/4 Inch FPT

5-In-1 Automatic Exhaust Coupler 1/4 Inch FPT
The 5-In-1 Safety Exhaust Coupler is designed to remain connected to the plug until the downstream air is completely bled off. This reduces the possibility of injury to nearby personnel or damage to surrounding equipment from a whipping hose that was disconnected while pressurized air was still in the line. These couplers will also eliminate the guess work or inconvenience of matching interchanges because they will accept the following 1/4" body size plugs:
  • Industrial (Mil-C4109) Interchange
  • Aro Interchange
  • Automotive (Tru-Flate) Interchange
  • Euro (Megaflow) Interchange
  • Lincoln Interchange
How the 5-In-1 Works:
    Connecting: Since these couplers are "automatic" design, the 1/4" body plug can simply be pushed into the coupler to make a safe, secure and leak free connection. Even though the coupler and plug are now connected, the coupler valve is still shut off, so the pressurized air will not flow through. In order to open the valve, the black coupler sleeve must be pushed forward (toward the plug), allowing the pressurized air to flow downstream. Pulling the black coupler sleeve back (away from the plug) will close the valve, which will stop the air flow once again.

    NOTE: A plug can only be inserted into the coupler when the black sleeve is pulled back (away from the plug) and the valve is in the "closed" position. The black sleeve can only be pushed forward (toward the plug) to "open" the valve when a plug is connected to the coupler.

    Disconnecting: The plug can only be disconnected when the black coupler sleeve is pulled back (away from the plug) so that the valve is in the "closed" position and the pressurized air flow is shut off. At this point, the downstream air can safely bleed off. Once the air has bled off, the ringed sleeve can be pulled back (away from the plug) and the plug can be released without the danger of a whipping hose.
Acme Automotive A150USE 5-In-1 Automatic Exhaust Coupler 1/4" FPT
  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs
  • Manufactured by: Acme Automotive
  • Toolsource #: 143855
  • Manufacturers Part #: A150USE
  • Also Known As: AMA150USE

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