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Adaptive Interconnect Electronic

Adaptive Interconnect Electronics, Inc. (AIE), is a leading manufacturer of Silvertronic Test Leads, DMM Accessories, Kelvin Leads, Crocodile / Alligator Clips, panel sockets and specialty test clips, clamps and leads.

Adaptiv Interconnect's test leads, clips and probes can be used on all industry standard diagnostic test equipment.
  • ABC Automotive Back-Probing Connector Kit
    ABC Automotive Back-Probing Connector Kit
    Manufacturers Part #: 905299
    Your Price: $56.69
    Miniature Back Probes with Cable Piercing Converters, Red & BlackAngled Back Probes, Red & BlackDouble-Insulated Silicone Test Leads, Red & BlackPacked in a Four Pocket Tool Roll Organizer Silvertronic 905299 ABC Automotive Back-Probing Connector Kit ...
  • ADK (Automotive Diagnostic Kit)
    ADK (Automotive Diagnostic Kit)
    Manufacturers Part #: 871001
    Your Price: $849.75Includes Free Shipping
    2009 PTEN INNOVATION AWARDS WINNER The ADK Automotive Diagnostic Kit was developed by Silvertronic to meet the requirements of car manufacturers, repair shops, service and training centers and anyone who needs to test automotive circuitry. Features: The ADK enables the user to safely connect and perform easy, fast, and reliable connectivity tasks.This high quality, comprehensive Kit will support the user in their daily testing and diagnostic req...
  • Automotive Test Lead Kit
    Automotive Test Lead Kit
    Manufacturers Part #: 129514
    Your Price: $60.33
    This high quality Test Lead Set has been designed with the automotive engineer in mind. Heat resistant silicone leads can withstand high temperatures and heat from such things as hot manifolds and soldering iron tips. Kit Contains: 1 Pair (Red & Black) of Double Insulated Silicone Leads. Each lead is terminated on one end in a Straight Fixed Shrouded Plug, the other end is terminated in a Right Angle Plug, both compatible with all standard 4mm in...
  • Black Cable Reel Extension Lead - 40 Ft
    Black Cable Reel Extension Lead - 40 Ft
    Manufacturers Part #: 134328/B
    Your Price: $58.71
    On some occasions the need for a lead longer than the standard length is required. This reel holds just over 12 meters (40 feet) of highly flexible double skinned silicone cable as used on the standard lead assemblies. One end of the lead is terminated in a 4mm right-angled plug; the other has a 4mm socket into which the original lead can be plugged. Designed to be robust and sturdy. Features: Compatible with All Industry Standard 4mm Instrument ...
  • Deluxe Automotive Test Leads Kit
    Deluxe Automotive Test Leads Kit
    Manufacturers Part #: 131483
    Your Price: $164.75Includes Free Shipping
    Each Deluxe Kit Contains: 2 Pairs of Silicone Insulated Test Leads1 Pair of Couplers, used in connecting a pair of test leads thus getting a far greater reach1 Pair of Full Insulated Crocodile Clips1 Pair of Cable Piercers1 Pair of Bed of Nails Clips1 Pair of Back Probing Probes1 In Line Fused Link Packed in hard case using a closed cell foam Silvertronic 131483 Deluxe Automotive Kit ...
  • Easy Access Angled Back Probe Pair - Black and Red
    Easy Access Angled Back Probe Pair - Black and Red
    Manufacturers Part #: 501824
    Your Price: $26.68
    Black and Red0.7 mm (0.028") O.D. Probe Pins.Designed for measurements in confined and restricted space areas.Lead length 22 cm with standard 4 mm socket. Silvertronic 501824 Easy Access Angled Back Probe Pair ...
  • Easy Access Back Probe Kit
    Easy Access Back Probe Kit
    Manufacturers Part #: 905267
    Your Price: $41.20
    Each kit contains: High Visibility Green and Yellow (2 of each color) .028" O.D. Back Probe PinsTwo color-coded, 76" extra-long, double-insulated silicone test leads (rated 1000V, CAT III, 20 Amp)Packed in a four-pocket test lead organizer for convenient storage. Silvertronic 905267 Easy Access Back Probe Kit ...
  • Easy Access Back Probe Replacement Pack
    Easy Access Back Probe Replacement Pack
    Manufacturers Part #: 905268
    Your Price: $41.20
    High Visibility Yellow, Red, Blue and Green (2 of each color) .028" O.D. Back Probe Pins are perfect for connecting to fuel injectors, MAP and TPS sensors, as well as any weather pack seal type connectors.Modular design is compatible with any industry-standard, 4mm Banana Plug Test Leads.A perfect compliment to any test lead kit! Silvertronic 905268 Easy Access Back Probe Replacement Pack ...
  • Miniature Cable Piercers - 4/Pk
    Miniature Cable Piercers - 4/Pk
    Manufacturers Part #: 134396
    Your Price: $31.04
    Quick and reliable access.For cables 1.0 - 2.5 mm Ø. Standard 4 mm socket to rear.N.B. Recommended for safe voltage piercing only.4-pack. Silvertronic 134396 Miniature Cable Piercers - Red, Blue, Green and Yellow ...