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Automotive Specialty Tools > Brake System > ABS Testers > Proportioning Valve Depressor for ABS Brake Systems - J-391

Proportioning Valve Depressor for ABS Brake Systems - J-39177

Proportioning Valve Depressor for ABS Brake Systems - J-39177

  • Proper service procedure requires that a proportioning valve depressor be installed on the 4WAL unit when pressure bleeding the brake system. For best results on 4WAL, use two of these depressors, one for each valve.
  • Services a wide variety of General Motors utility vehicles, vans, and pickups with Kelsey Hayes anti-lock brake systems.
  • Also works on RWAL systems and must be installed on the proportioning valve (only one depressor required).
  • This tool supersedes Kent Moore No. J-35856.
  • Wt., 4 oz.
  • Same as Kent-Moore No. J-39177
Proportioning Valve Depressor for ABS Brake Systems

  • Manufactured by: OTC Tools and Equipment
  • Toolsource #: 61417
  • Manufacturers Part #: 7853
  • Also Known As: OT7853, OTC-7853, OTC7853

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