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1/2" Composite Impact Wrench - Quiet

1/2\" Composite Impact Wrench - Quiet

Features and Benefits

  • POWER: Punish the toughest bolts with 1,100 ft-lbs. of nut busting torque. All powered by Ingersoll Rand’s finely tuned motor and twin-hammer impact mechanism
  • SOUND REDUCTION: Ingersoll Rand’s Quiet Technology reduces the sound of the tool. Sparing your ears without sacrificing a single ounce of power
  • WEIGHT: At only 4 pounds, the 2135QXPA is as light as it is powerful so your hand tires less, letting you get more work done
  • RELIABILITY: Backed by a one-year warranty and rigorously tested, every component, mechanism and function of the 2135QXPA has been pushed to the limits to ensure it always performs in the face of the toughest jobs
  • PRICE: Delivers an incredible level of performance and power at a cost that won’t punish your wallet

The Ingersoll Rand 2135QXPA Series Impactool™ was built on the hardworking and respected foundation laid by the 2135TiMAX. The result is a light, quiet, and powerful impact wrench that delivers an incredible level of performance and power at a cost that won’t punish your wallet. The 2135QXPA is the finely tuned and finely crafted impact wrench you need to tackle the toughest jobs.

  • Shipping Weight: 5lbs
  • Manufactured by: Ingersoll-Rand
  • Toolsource #: 186805
  • Manufacturers Part #: 2135QXPA
  • Also Known As: IR2135QXPA, IRC-2135QXPA, IRT2135QXPA

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