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 1/2 Inch Drive Allen   Assenmacher Specialty Tools   Assenmacher Specialty Tools S3054X-12 Assenmacher Specialty Tools S3054X-12 1/2 Inch Drive Allen Socket - 12 mm - Mercedes, VW   S3054X-12   91696   $35.84  Buy Now 
 1/2 Inch Drive Allen   Assenmacher Specialty Tools   Assenmacher Specialty Tools 6500-14 Assenmacher Specialty Tools 6500-14 1/2 Inch Drive Allen Socket - VW Audi Axle - 14mm   6500-14   100434   $17.30  Buy Now 
 1/2 Inch Drive Poly-   Assenmacher Specialty Tools   Assenmacher Specialty Tools H2579-9 Assenmacher Specialty Tools H2579-9 1/2 Inch Drive Poly-drive Head Bolt Socket VW Audi 9mm   H2579-9   100292   $43.04  Buy Now 
 12 Pt Cylinder Head    Assenmacher Specialty Tools   Assenmacher Specialty Tools S3054X-10 Assenmacher Specialty Tools S3054X-10 12 Pt Cylinder Head Bolt Socket - Toyota, VW, Audi, Mercedes 10mm   S3054X-10   99585   $35.84  Buy Now 
 12717   VW Pin Wrenc   Stahlwille   Stahlwille 44700018 Stahlwille 44700018 12717 VW Pin Wrench   44700018   118029   $19.07  Buy Now 
 22mm Seal Puller VW    Baum Tools   Baum Tools 2085 Baum Tools 2085 22mm Seal Puller VW & Audi Gas   2085   114718   $122.95  Buy Now 
 3/8 In Dr 10mm 12-Pt   Assenmacher Specialty Tools   Assenmacher Specialty Tools 6300XL-10 Assenmacher Specialty Tools 6300XL-10 3/8 In Dr 10mm 12-Pt Long Socket - VW / Audi   6300XL-10   103791   $18.30  Buy Now 
 3/8 In Dr 12-Pt Sock   Assenmacher Specialty Tools   Assenmacher Specialty Tools H8808-8 Assenmacher Specialty Tools H8808-8 3/8 In Dr 12-Pt Socket - VW Door Hinge - 8mm   H8808-8   99944   $22.65  Buy Now 
 3/8 In Dr 8mm 12-Pt    Assenmacher Specialty Tools   Assenmacher Specialty Tools 6300XL-8 Assenmacher Specialty Tools 6300XL-8 3/8 In Dr 8mm 12-Pt Socket - VW / Audi   6300XL-8   96210   $16.40  Buy Now 
 3/8 In Dr Audi & VW    VIM Tools   VIM Tools XZN116MH VIM Tools XZN116MH 3/8 In Dr Audi & VW XZN Drain Plug Socket - 16mm   XZN116MH   95562   $7.75  Buy Now 
 3/8 In Dr Oil Filter   Assenmacher Specialty Tools   Assenmacher Specialty Tools 2175 Assenmacher Specialty Tools 2175 3/8 In Dr Oil Filter Socket Wrench - 74.5mm w/ 14 Flats   2175   96484   $18.15  Buy Now 
 3/8 Inch Drive Oil F   KD Tools   KD Tools 3934 KD Tools 3934 3/8 Inch Drive Oil Filter Cap Wrench Volvo, VW, Ford 36mm   3934   101738   $9.75  Buy Now 
 35mm Long Body Seal    Baum Tools   Baum Tools 3240 Baum Tools 3240 35mm Long Body Seal Puller VW VR6, Audi V6   3240   114701   $122.95  Buy Now 
 35mm Seal Puller VW    Baum Tools   Baum Tools 3203 Baum Tools 3203 35mm Seal Puller VW & Audi Late Models   3203   114717   $122.95  Buy Now 
 730/5 MANOSKOP Torqu   Stahlwille   Stahlwille 50180005 Stahlwille 50180005 730/5 MANOSKOP Torque Wrench 6-50Nm - VW/Audi   50180005   105040   $357.95  Buy Now 
 99593 Beetle Service   Baum Tools   Baum Tools 3411 Baum Tools 3411 99593 Beetle Service Mode Pins   3411   114918   $48.65  Buy Now 
 Adapter (Bronze) - V   Waekon Industries   Waekon Industries CSA-23 Waekon Industries CSA-23 Adapter (Bronze) - VW Corrado, 90 Jetta & Golf   CSA-23   51233   $60.88  Buy Now 
 Air Operated Waste O   Astro Pneumatic   Astro Pneumatic 7351 Astro Pneumatic 7351 Air Operated Waste Oil Drainer - 8 Gallon   7351   113467   $215.89  Buy Now 
 Allen Socket - 10 mm   Assenmacher Specialty Tools   Assenmacher Specialty Tools S1054-10 Assenmacher Specialty Tools S1054-10 Allen Socket - 10 mm - Mercedes / Nissan / Datsun / VW & Audi   S1054-10   91739   $23.65  Buy Now 
 Assembly Tool VW Aud   Assenmacher Specialty Tools   Assenmacher Specialty Tools VW10352 Assenmacher Specialty Tools VW10352 Assembly Tool VW Audi 2.0L Turbo   VW10352   149520   $35.95  Buy Now 
 Assembly Tool VW Tig   Assenmacher Specialty Tools   Assenmacher Specialty Tools T10389 Assenmacher Specialty Tools T10389 Assembly Tool VW Tiguan   T10389   150189   $30.95  Buy Now 
 AST 6500 X-18 1/2 In   Assenmacher Specialty Tools   Assenmacher Specialty Tools 6500X-18 Assenmacher Specialty Tools 6500X-18 AST 6500 X-18 1/2 In Dr 12-Pt Socket - 18mm - VW Rear Axle T10162   6500X-18   100380   $28.93  Buy Now 
 AST 6506 Axle Nut Se   Assenmacher Specialty Tools   Assenmacher Specialty Tools 6506 Assenmacher Specialty Tools 6506 AST 6506 Axle Nut Set VW Audi   6506   150305   $93.28  Buy Now 
 AST 6800TDI Timing B   Assenmacher Specialty Tools   Assenmacher Specialty Tools 6800TDI Assenmacher Specialty Tools 6800TDI AST 6800TDI Timing Belt Tool Set For VW TDI   6800TDI   104330   $262.36  Buy Now 
 AST H1849-6 Spark Pl   Assenmacher Specialty Tools   Assenmacher Specialty Tools H1849-6 Assenmacher Specialty Tools H1849-6 AST H1849-6 Spark Plug Connector / Remover VW T10029   H1849-6   94594   $61.91  Buy Now 
 AST S 54 X-12  1/2 I   Assenmacher Specialty Tools   Assenmacher Specialty Tools S54X-12 Assenmacher Specialty Tools S54X-12 AST S 54 X-12 1/2 In Dr 12-Pt Allen Socket - 12mm   S54X-12   104388   $22.95  Buy Now 
 AST T 40057 Oil Filt   Assenmacher Specialty Tools   Assenmacher Specialty Tools T40057 Assenmacher Specialty Tools T40057 AST T 40057 Oil Filter Housing Drain - VW / Audi   T40057   99593   $72.22  Buy Now 
 Audi & VW 3366 Cam C   Baum Tools   Baum Tools 3366 Baum Tools 3366 Audi & VW 3366 Cam Chain Tensioner Retainer   3366   114739   $27.95  Buy Now 
 AUDI A4 & VW Passat    Baum Tools   Baum Tools 3362 Baum Tools 3362 AUDI A4 & VW Passat B5 Valve Spring Compressor   3362   114129   $274.50  Buy Now 
 Audi VW 1.8T Tension   Assenmacher Specialty Tools   Assenmacher Specialty Tools 6700 Assenmacher Specialty Tools 6700 Audi VW 1.8T Tensioner Holder Set   6700   106019   $29.14  Buy Now 
 Audi VW Head Bolt To   Baum Tools   Baum Tools T10070K Baum Tools T10070K Audi VW Head Bolt Tool Set   T10070K   114980   $37.95  Buy Now 
 Audi VW Pump Duese D   Baum Tools   Baum Tools B9580 Baum Tools B9580 Audi VW Pump Duese Diesel Timing Kit   B9580   149222   $198.50  Buy Now 
 Audi VW Slacking Cha   Baum Tools   Baum Tools T40243 Baum Tools T40243 Audi VW Slacking Chain Tensioner   T40243   150491   $154.95  Buy Now 
 Bell Housing Socket    Baum Tools   Baum Tools T10099 Baum Tools T10099 Bell Housing Socket Audi VW   T10099   114742   $49.95  Buy Now 
 Belt Tensioner Lock    Baum Tools   Baum Tools T10060A Baum Tools T10060A Belt Tensioner Lock Pin - VW-Audi   T10060A   102961   $22.15  Buy Now 
 Brake Bleeder Adapte   Power Probe Inc   Power Probe Inc BA07 Power Probe Inc BA07 Brake Bleeder Adapter - Daihatsu, Honda, Hyndai, Isuzu, Kia, Nissan, Suzuki, Toyota, VW   BA07   106246   $53.24  Buy Now 
 Brake Pedal Release    Baum Tools   Baum Tools 3289 Baum Tools 3289 Brake Pedal Release Tool VW - Jetta (VR6)   3289   115025   $34.95  Buy Now 
 Cam Control Valve To   Baum Tools   Baum Tools T10352/2 Baum Tools T10352/2 Cam Control Valve Tool 1.8 and 2.0 TFSI Gen 3   T10352/2   150490   $30.00  Buy Now 
 Cam Lock Clamp VW Au   Assenmacher Specialty Tools   Assenmacher Specialty Tools T40070 Assenmacher Specialty Tools T40070 Cam Lock Clamp VW Audi   T40070   149291   $190.94  Buy Now 
 Cam Seal Installer K   Baum Tools   Baum Tools 3241 Baum Tools 3241 Cam Seal Installer Kit Audi VW   3241   114428   $176.95  Buy Now 
 Camshaft Adjuster So   Assenmacher Specialty Tools   Assenmacher Specialty Tools VW5220 Assenmacher Specialty Tools VW5220 Camshaft Adjuster Socket VW 5220   VW5220   132595   $24.07  Buy Now 
 Camshaft Alignment T   Assenmacher Specialty Tools   Assenmacher Specialty Tools 3391 Assenmacher Specialty Tools 3391 Camshaft Alignment Tool - VW / Audi   3391   91444   $141.66  Buy Now 
 Camshaft Clamp VW Au   Baum Tools   Baum Tools T40271 Baum Tools T40271 Camshaft Clamp VW Audi   T40271   150492   $116.75  Buy Now 
 Camshaft Gear Puller   Baum Tools   Baum Tools T40001PLUS Baum Tools T40001PLUS Camshaft Gear Puller Kit VW Audi 15-Cylinder Head, Valve   T40001PLUS   149386   $198.50  Buy Now 
 Camshaft Locking Too   Baum Tools   Baum Tools BT40070KIT Baum Tools BT40070KIT Camshaft Locking Tool Kit VW/Audi 2.5L, 3.2L 4.2L BSN FSi   BT40070KIT   133814   $295.00  Buy Now 
 Camshaft Pulley Hold   Assenmacher Specialty Tools   Assenmacher Specialty Tools 7200 Assenmacher Specialty Tools 7200 Camshaft Pulley Holder   7200   125743   $133.13  Buy Now 
 Camshaft Timing Kit    Baum Tools   Baum Tools BT10252KIT Baum Tools BT10252KIT Camshaft Timing Kit for 2.0L Turbo FSi Engine VW/Audi   BT10252KIT   133813   $243.50  Buy Now 
 Centering Mandrel VW   Baum Tools   Baum Tools 3190A Baum Tools 3190A Centering Mandrel VW   3190A   114795   $101.95  Buy Now 
 Central Valve Tool f   Baum Tools   Baum Tools T10352/1 Baum Tools T10352/1 Central Valve Tool for Cam Adjust VW Audi   T10352/1   150489   $31.25  Buy Now 
 CIS Fuel Injector Pu   Schley Products, Inc   Schley Products, Inc 83400 Schley Products, Inc 83400 CIS Fuel Injector Puller - Volkswagen Porsche & Audi   83400   58847   $6.95  Buy Now 
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