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Misc > Master Brake Line Fitting Assortment K

Master Brake Line Fitting Assortment Kit

Master Brake Line Fitting Assortment Kit

Features and Benefits

  • 23 of the most popular fittings for the repair or replacement of most domestic and import brake lines for a total of 115 pc's
  • Includes - tube nuts, unions and brake line adapters
  • The detailed lid insert identifies each component with a picture of the part, description, size and quantities
  • Each assortment comes in a durable plastic case that keeps all of the parts organized and easy to find
  • Designed to save the professional installer time and money by making key parts readily available and affordable

Contains 5 qyt of each of: KTI04023 (Tube Nut 3/16" -- 3/8"-24 Inv M), KTI04024 (Tube Nut 3/16"Lng -- 3/8"-24 Inv M), KTI04025 (Tube Nut 1/4" -- 7/16"-24 Inv M), KTI04026 (Tube Nut 1/4"Lng -- 7/16"-24 Inv M), KTI04027 (Tube Nut 5/16" -- 1/2"-20 Inv M), KTI04008 (Tube Nut 3/16" -- M10x1.0 Inv Asia M), KTI04009 (Tube Nut 3/16" -- M10x1.0 Bub Eur M), KTI03972 (Tube Nut 3/16" -- M11x1.5 Bub M), KTI03973 (Tube Nut 3/16" -- M12x1.5 Bub M), KTI03974 (Tube Nut 3/16" -- M13x1.5 Bub M), KTI03975 (Tube Nut 3/16" -- 9/16"-18 Inv M), KTI03977 (Tube Nut 3/16" -- M10x1.0 Lng Inv M), KTI03979 (Tube Nut 3/16" --7/16"-24 Inv M), KTI03980 (Tube Nut 3/16" -- 1/2"-20 Inv M), KTI03981 (Tube Nut 1/4" -- 9/16"-18 Inv M), KTI03982 (Tube Nut 1/4" -- 1/2"-20 Inv M), KTI04029 (Union 3/16" x 3/8" - 24 Inv), KTI04030 (Union 1/4" x 7/16" - 24 Inv), KTI04031 (Union - 5/16" x 1/2" - 20 Inv), KTI04028 (Union 3/16" x M10x 1.0 Bub), KTI04032 (Union 3/16" x M10x1.0 Inv), KTI04001 (Adapter 3/8"-24 Inv F -- M10x1.0 Bub M), KTI04002 (Adapter 3/8"-24 Inv F -- M10x1.0 Inv M).

Profit and productivity always take a hit when inexpensive service parts are not readily available.  Trying to locate, source or wait for delivery of a low cost item results in idle service bays, wasted technician time and lost profit. The Automotive Service Parts Assortments program solves these problems.  We have combined the m

  • Shipping Weight: 4lbs
  • Manufactured by: K Tool International
  • Toolsource #: 298811
  • Manufacturers Part #: KTIDY-BLF-5
  • Also Known As: KTI00013

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