• GRIPPED™ Body Filler is a specially formulated body filler for use in today’s body shops. • This brand new formulation utilizes U-POL’s new Snap Cure Technology™ to speed up the cure time. • Within 7 minutes of spreading, Technicians can already start sanding. • GRIPPED™ forms a strong bond to most modern automotive substrates including aluminum, galvanized, and bare metal. • It's tack free, non-sag formulation ensures a smooth and easy to sand finish. • Features & Benefits • Reduces Production Time and Increases Shop Throughput • Mix, spread and sand in 7 minutes • Solvent proof: Prime or paint within 15-20 minutes • Save Money and Increase Profits • Reduces sandpaper use with its easy to sand, non-loading formulation • Pinhole resistant, reducing the need for putty and glaze • Excellent adhesion to automotive substrates including: Aluminum, Galvanized, Bare Metal, Fiberglass & Most plastics

  • Model: 218064
  • Shipping Weight: 8.42lbs
  • Manufacturers Part #: UP0749
  • Manufactured by: U-POL
  • Also Known As: UPL-UP0749


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