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Misc > 1/2” BRASS w/1/2” Abrasive Hose Fitting 4950

1/2” BRASS w/1/2” Abrasive Hose Fitting 495000

1/2” BRASS w/1/2” Abrasive Hose Fitting 495000
Save time by replacing the bottom end of your abrasive blaster at least
once a year. Valves and fittings wear. By replacing the entire assembly,
your pressure blaster will operate like new. Includes bottom-end mixing
valve, 4-way cross and bottom plug for fast clean-out, hose fittings,
Holdit and clamps. Available with 1/2” brass mixing valves or with 1/2”
steel mixing valves for extended valve life. We recommend steel valves
for trouble-free operation and more wear resistance to the valve.
  • Manufactured by: Brut Manufacturing
  • Toolsource #: 257259
  • Manufacturers Part #: 495000
  • Also Known As: BR495000

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