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Brake Pad Gauge

Brake Pad Gauge
SPEED UP your inspection process!!

This handy pencil-style gauge allows the user to quickly identify brake pad life on inboard or outboard pads on most vehicles without removing the wheel assembly or brake caliper. Brake pad wear can be checked while performing other service on a vehicle, as quickly as checking tire pressure.

A red-yellow-green indicator provides a visual indication of remaining brake pad material, and can be used to explain service recommendations to a customer. Green means the brake pads are okay, with 8mm or more of pad material remaining; yellow indicates they'll need replacement soon (3 to 8mm remaining); red suggests immediate replacement (0 to 3mm remaining).
  • The 6596 Brake Pad Gauge allows for a definitive measurement of brake pads to determine remaining life.
  • Unique design allows for measurement on the vehicle without the removal of any components in most cases (wheel assembly or brake caliper).
  • Quick reference of brake pad condition via color code scale.
  • Attain measurement without removing any parts from the vehicle.
Barrel Meaurement - Quick Reference Color - Brake Pad Condition
  • 8 mm or more = Green = No replacement necessary
  • 3 mm to 8 mm = Yellow = Suggest replacement soon
  • 0 mm to 3 mm = Recommend replacement
OTC Tools 6596 Brake Pad Gauge
  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs
  • Manufactured by: OTC Tools and Equipment
  • Toolsource #: 146392
  • Manufacturers Part #: 6596
  • Also Known As: OT6596, OTC-6596, OTC6596

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