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Transmission Cooler Flusher

Transmission Cooler Flusher
ALL TRANSMISSION/TRANSAXLE This tool is used to flush the transmission lines and oil cooler to remove contaminants after trans failure. This tool supports the GM published procedures to eliminate repeat failure from contamination. Flushing fluid is similar to other industrial cleaning fluids and is safe to use. Waste fluid can be disposed of down the sewer drain, assuming the drain system is equipped with a filtering system for oils and other contaminants. NOTICE: THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE CAN BE FOUND IN THE SPX DRIVING FORCE, ISSUE 2, VOLUME 1. Proper transmission repair can make the difference in keeping a vehicle on the road and reducing customer comebacks. A thorough flush of the transmission cooling system to remove contaminants is critical to ensure the longevity of a transmission repair. The J-35944-A Transmission Cooler Flusher developed by SPX Kent-Moore and GM Powertrain was made an Essential Tool to all GM dealerships in 1987 for service on all current automatic transaxles and transmissions. In June 1997, GM issued a Bulletin (77-71-59), which outlines the procedures for using this flusher when performing service repairs including: Torque Converter Replacement, SRTA Transmission Replacement, Major Overhaul, Oil Pump Replacement. FLUSHING FLUID SAFETY: The flushing fluid (J-35944-22) is environmentally safe, yet powerful enough to cut through trans fluid to dislodge any contaminants from the cooler. The safety precautions on the label regarding potential skin and eye irritations associated with prolonged exposure are typical precautions that apply to many similar cleaning solutions. It should be noted that according to GM, use of other non-approved fluids for cool flushing can have an adverse reaction on seals inside the transmission. WASTE FLUID HANDLING: The procedure begins with a 10 second flush with straight water to remove any trans fluid that remains in the cooling system. This small initial flush is captured in an oil drain container for proper disposal. This also serves as a flow check where no-flow indicates a complete clogged cooler that will require replacement. Assuming there is proper flow, continue with the flushing process, now including the approved flushing fluid. Flushing for approximately 2 minutes in each cool line direction will result in a total of about 8 to 10 gallons of waste fluid. This mixture of water and flushing fluid is to be captured in a five gallon bucket or similar container. It is not necessary to capture this waste mixture in the oil catcher. Remember, the trans fluid has been drained or flushed into the oil catcher with the initial flush. The 8 to 10 gallons of waste fluid can be disposed of down the facilities municipal sewer drain. It is assumed that all such drains are sump equipped to collect oils and other contaminants. CONTACT KENT-MOORE CUSTOMER SERVICE AT 1-800-345-2233 TO REQUEST A COPY OF THE MSDS FOR J-35944-22 FLUSHING FLUID. The final step in the procedure calls for a flow check using Trans fluid. This will remove any water or flush fluid that may remain in the cooler and lines. The J-39544-A Transmission Cooler Flusher is a critical and essential tool in ensuring the quality of transmission repairs, reducing customer comebacks and keeping vehicles on the road. WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? TRANS COOLER FLUSHING -VS- COOLANT EXCHANGE. Automatic transmission fluid service machines, like the Wynn's Transerve II+, are very different from the J-35944-A Transmission Oil Cooler Flusher. ATF service machines are intended for use as a more efficient alternative to conventional pan-drop transmission fluid replacement service. The benefit of using such a device is it performs more "complete" service than conventional means will facilitate, by replacing virtually all of the old transmission fluid with new fluid. ATF service machines are used on vehicles that are due for regularly scheduled transmission fluid service as out

Applications: All AT & A/TA

Kent-Moore Tools J-35944-A Transmission Cooler Flusher
  • Shipping Weight: 17.72lbs
  • Manufactured by: Kent-Moore
  • Toolsource #: 131676
  • Manufacturers Part #: J-35944-A
  • Also Known As: KMJ35944A

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